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Somehow, just a couple of days after writing the last post something shifted in the world of sleep. We’ve suddenly gone from having consistently broken sleeps, to routinely sleeping through the night until 6-6.30am and in fact this morning I was the first to wake up in our house at the very decadent time of 7.07am. While a 6.30am start to the day can feel a little rough at times after a late night, it’s definitely a winner compared to a 7am start after a night of getting up and down. In fact the only time I’ve been out of bed in the last week has been to let the freaking barking dog outside. I think it’s a combination of a new bedtime routine, his teething finally starting to settle down, and also we’re now having some cooler nights again. We’ve having a very long, hot summer here, we’re officially in the worst drought in something like 70 years, and even now that we’re technically in Autumn we’re still having very hot and dry days so the respite of a cool night is unbelievable. I have no idea how much longer any of us would have coped the way we were going so this is a huge breakthrough. Now K and I need to work on getting to bed earlier ourselves and making the most of the uninterrupted sleep.

It’s funny how some of the things that seem to be so difficult to deal with as a parent often seem to just disappear overnight like that. There’s been plenty of things that Sprocket has been doing, or even not doing, that have driven us nuts and we really couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I mean little things like constantly spitting his drink out down his front at the dinner table. He would do this all.the.time. Every single time he’d ask for a drink he would look right at us and just spit it out. Nothing helped – no amount of telling off, cajoling, praising the correct behaviour, ignoring, removing the drink – nothing. And then one day we were eating dinner and we suddenly realised that we couldn’t remember the last time he did it. It’s actually a great thing to know, that no matter how hard things seem, we will get there. It’s the same as the whole ‘you never see a 5 year old who…(insert bad habit here)’ may actually be true. Sometimes they really do just have to grow out of a lot of it. 

We’re definitely seeing a real kid these days, he’s so fun to watch as he learns new things and shows off his new skills and knowledge whenever he can. He and his friends are starting to get to a great new silly stage where they love to just run around in circles chasing each other before collapsing into a heap in giggles. He is a huge Lightning McQueen fan these days, and any time he is bored he asks for Lightning. We let him watch a little tv each day, and at the moment that’s all he wants to watch. As he has been for a while, he’s copying things that we do or say often, with his latest being if I trip or drop something he comes over to ask “alright?”. His self control is building, we often spy him starting to do things he knows he’s not allowed and then saying “no touch” or “get down”. Of course he doesn’t always stop doing them yet, but he’s certainly learning the difference! He’s still a climbing machine. He climbed up a ladder to a 7ft platform at the park the other day, which he has done before and then gone down the super cool big slide, only this time he wanted to cross the rope swing bridge to the big kids rope frame. Of course we didn’t want him to do that so we were trying to get him to go down the slide but he stood up there shaking his head saying “nope, no way, no way…this way” and pointing at the ropes.

He’s learning the patience he needs to play with some of his toys. His trains are a great source of joy but also frustration when they don’t do exactly what he wants. He is learning that he has to have them face a certain way before they will connect, and he’s now starting to put the track together himself. His frustration definitely comes through loud and clear, but he is starting to stop himself and try it a different way a little more often now.

He’s very into finding things in books, he loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and has to find the caterpillar on every page and gets tetchy if we don’t ask “where is it” or if we read the story without acknowledging he’s found it. He loves to run, and it’s a great way to snap him out of a mood outside by suggesting a run to the fence. This morning he and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood that ended up as a run around the block, jandals and all.

His love affair with music is definitely continuing, we’re back doing a music class this term which he is loving. He loves to sing, and we have had many rounds of the supermarket to his rendition of twinkle twinkle little star. And last night for the first time he said his first name correctly. It’s not an easy one for a small mouth to get around, and although he recognizes his full name he has only ever referred to himself as bubba or when singing a song with his full name in he says Michael (which is his friend’s name and close to his middle name). He was so proud of himself patting his chest saying “my name is XXXXX”.

But right now he’s waking up from his nap, the temperature is really starting to soar and there’s a paddling pool outside calling both of us. So as usual this a quickly written, but probably long, stream of consciousness update.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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