Not photos

I was planning on having my photo challenge pics up to date by now but clearly that has not happened. And it won’t happen for a few more days yet as we’re heading out of town in the morning.

Instead I quickly want to capture how much fun we’re having with our boy at the moment, he’s such a crack up and makes us laugh so much. He’s obviously loving having both of us home during the holidays, and has taken to doing fist bumps with us – albeit with a limp wrist and   saying ‘poof’ at the same time..hmmmm. He is talking up a storm, he has so many words and can tell us what he wants more and more which is great, but there are still times when he babbles away in gibberish with such animation that you really want to know what he’s on about. He copies anything and everything, and his favourite right now is ‘oh man’ which he repeats over and over, it’s so funny. He is into trains in a big way now, we’re lucky that my cousin is giving us her son’s old thomas set to use which will save us some dollars. We can’t wait to get that and see his face. He’s also too tall to stay rear facing so last week we switched his carseat around to front facing. He was very happy being able to see everything, and we’re hoping it will make this week’s trip away better too. I’m sure we’re not far from potty training (he can tell us when he poos and is getting more interested) and a big boy bed too but holding off as long as we can for those.

K is making the most of these holidays as well, I’m so proud of the changes she’s been making for both her health and wellbeing. I know she’s doing things outside of her comfort zone but it is already paying off which is fantastic. And speaking of K, it’s her birthday on Wednesday and we have a very special day planned.

There is loads more, but I’m really only on the computer to clear my camera’s memory card so it will have to wait (as usual).




About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to Not photos

  1. pepibebe says:

    Kia ora! I just discovered your blog and yours is the first kiwi lesbian one I’ve found. My wife and live North of Auckland and will be having our third attempt at a ‘take home’ baby in two weeks. We had two miscarriages at 12 wks in Oct 11 & Mar 12. So this is our first go since then. I’m about to start a blog too, I’ve taken much solace from reading others over this journeyand I think it’s time to stop lurking and start writing! I haven’t written anything yet but aim to get started this week. I’ll be blogging under the name pepibebe. I look forward to reading more from you…

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