13 1/2 months

Obviously we still haven’t got around to putting up more photos, or blogging about Sprocket’s first birthday and our trip which we really must do. It’s getting harder and harder to find the time or the motivation to write here, as much as we want to keep our journey documented our boy is turning into a very busy toddler and life itself has definitely taken over.

That said, Sprocket just seems to be having an explosion of new skills lately so I wanted to jot them down.

  • Eating – he loves his food, especially carrot rounds and pasta. Most meals he eats really well and lately makes lots of yummy noises the whole way through. He likes to eat what we’re having, which is the majority of the time thanks to baby led weaning, and if we’ve got something different he demands it too. Last week we went out to a restaurant and he actually climbed half out of the highchair onto the table to reach our plates.
  • Milk – we ran into a big problem with this, as he has been having goats milk formula due to an allergy to both cow and soy formula. We had planned on keeping him on this for the next few months and getting allergy testing repeated before deciding what to do next but apparently there is a nationwide goat milk powder shortage and it is now impossible to get. First we couldn’t consistently find the 1 year plus one but now they’re all off the shelves completely so we’ve had to switch him to a uht goat milk. Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any issue with it and it’s both easier to prepare and way cheaper too. He’s having three bottles a day at the moment, when he first wakes up, after lunch/before nap and at bedtime.
  • Walking – he is walking pretty confidently now, he started taking steps about 2 months ago and just in the last week he’s switched to walking most of the time rather than crawling. And boy is he proud of himself!
  • Talking – he’s got a few words like ball, mum/mama, dog, (ba)nana, doodle (lol he’s a boy and he’s obsessed) but he’s mimicking like crazy too and has some things he’ll copy too like ‘hey dude’, ‘yeah yeah’ (particularly as song lyrics). Animal sounds are the best though – he’s got several that he knows so if you ask him what a duck/cat/cow/sheep/dog/monkey say he will make the noise with no prompting. It’s so cute particularly when he goes racing up to our cats and says ‘maow, maow, maow’.
  • Co-ordination – he’s all of a sudden gone from playing passively with his toys to actually figuring out what they do and how. He’s a master at his stacking rings, racing cars down ramps and getting on/off and riding his wishbone flip.  He likes to stack things up on his cars, but gets very frustrated if they fall off – just this morning he tried to stack two balls on top of each other..what a disaster. He will hand you something and take it back again perfectly fluidly. His pincer grip has been pretty advanced for months now (again thanks to blw) and he has no problem getting food in (and out) of his mouth. One of the really neat things is that although he’s putting bits of fluff in his mouth off the floor, he will also take it back out and hand it over when asked. He is working on throwing balls for the dog, although he only gets it a little bit in front of him and the dog just looks at him with disdain. He then tries to push the ball into her mouth but for her it’s a big throw or nothing. Pretty soon though it’ll be a great game for both of them and we’re looking forward to the days when a game of fetch outside will exhaust both of them for us.
  • Climbing – The boy is a climber. We’ve had to do make some pretty major changes around here after he learnt to climb up on the entertainment unit to look out the window, and then tried to get to the mantlepiece as well. He’s tried climbing everything including bookshelves, clothes airers, he got up in his highchair. He’s a master at getting on and off the couch and even got up on the computer desk where we found him crawling across the top. He’s very confident obviously and actually pretty capable too but we’ve removed most of the possibilities so we’re not forever telling him no. We also bought him an inflatable slide and ball pit which he just loves. Next term I will be taking him to a baby gymnastics class so he can do all the climbing and jumping his little heart desires.
  • Music – he continues to love music and to dance. I’ve been taking him to a weekly music/movement class this term and he has such a ball every week. He dumps me as soon as we get there, very little shyness in this one! He’s made several friends there and each week he finds a different girl and gives them lots of hugs and kisses. Luckily his kissing technique has progressed to mostly closed mouth kisses (he was leading with his tongue for a while there!)
  • Books – he loves books, he likes being read to but he just loves to sit and look through his board books himself too. Now that he’s got the couch mastered, he will pull himself and a book up and sit there reading it like a big boy.
  • Playing – He loves his cars still, and will concentrate so hard as he pushes them across the floor, up and down furniture while making brrm brrm sounds. Anytime he sees his pushchair out he races over to play with the wheels, we took him to the park last week and all he wanted to do was push his pushchair around. He’s started with pretend play too, drinking from cups, holding the phone up to his ear etc and has been spotted playing peek a boo with his teddy bear. He’s got K’s old cabbage patch doll and just loves pushing it around in his block trolley giggling the whole time. Yesterday he found a little beanie bear of K’s that we used to let him play with in bed with us in the mornings when he was very small. He hadn’t seen it in months and got so excited, he carried it around with him for the rest of the afternoon taking it from room to room and for rides on his flip.
  • Sleeping – he sleeps through most of the night, going to bed at 7.30pm and waking up anywhere between 4.30-7am. We give him a bottle when he wakes up and he will go back to sleep til about 7.30-8am. Just after his birthday he decided that he was big enough to drop a nap, so now he is only napping once a day right after lunch. This has made a huge difference to our days as before he was only sleeping 45 minutes or so and it was touch and go whether he would nap both morning and afternoon so the whole thing was a bit stressful. But now he goes down with no problems straight after lunch and he will sleep for at least 1 1/2 hours and more often than not it will be 2-3 hours. It is so much more relaxing being able to plan our day around that nap and knowing that however rough the morning is I will have that break after lunch to either chill out or get things done. It’s also a huge help because nearly all of the toddler classes we’re looking at are in the morning which used to be his most consisten naptime.

He is a very clever little boy, but incredibly willfull as well. If we tell him no or stop him from doing something, he will often tell us no and shake his head before going straight back to the same thing. Temper tantrums and head banging are a regular occurance but thankfully he’s still easily pulled out of them.

Despite that, he is still such a loving kid, and the highlight of his day is when his Mummy K gets home from work. She gets such a great greeting from both Sprocket and the dog – usually both standing at the baby gate in the kitchen vying for her attention. If he gets the two of us in the same spot, he likes to hug and kiss us both and then push our heads together to make us kiss each other while laughing. Slightly awkward when we’ve had a disagreement but very endearing too. Although he did move to do it at K’s school one day in front of her kids until I moved away quickly – now that would have been awkward lol.

I’m sure there’s a lot more than that too, he is at such an amazing age where everyday he’s coming up with something new and learning about the world around him with such joy and enthusiasm. As K said last night, sometimes we just want to freeze time and savour it. He’s getting a little more independant now too and he loves to go off down the hallway and explore by himself. Now that we’ve got the house more sorted and can close off dangerous areas, it’s a lot more relaxing for all of us when we can let him do that.



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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to 13 1/2 months

  1. gaybyrabies says:

    Somehow I missed this update when you first posted. It sounds like the Sprocket has become quite a handful! I hope we’ll get some photo updates soon!

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