To walk or not to walk, that is the question

Less than two weeks before Sprocket turns one and it’s a close run bet whether he’ll be walking by then or not. He’s forever pulling himself up on everything, and cruising around furniture/items you wouldn’t think would work (i.e the dog has been known to take him across the living room with her). He’s started working a lot harder on his standing the last few days, and can now stand well balanced for several seconds before sitting down. He’s pushing his activity box trolley all around the house now – and very, very proud of himself for this he is too. And this morning he got sick of waiting for breakfast and started walking his high chair across the dining room! He’s definitely going to be a climber too, anything even remotely resembling a ladder than he comes across he immediately starts to climb – often getting both hands and a foot up before we catch him. We had hoped to get him a small geodome climbing frame for his birthday to set up on our deck but because it’s coming into winter they’re nowhere to be found until spring. We’ve got the house babyproofed and out of bounds areas gated, and there is nothing this boy likes more than to get off and explore on his own. He loves crawling down the hallway and investigating everything he finds but if he hears a gate or door open it’s a head down race to get there and through before you can close it again. He loves going outside and it’s usually a family affair as the cats and dog nearly always appear from where ever they were hiding to join in the fun. Today he was throwing a ping pong ball around and our 10yo cat was chasing after it like a kitten. He is such a loving boy, he always wants to kiss our pets and they are now starting to trust him too (so long as he approaches them nice and quietly lol). We went to see a friend the other day and Sprocket went very shy and was acting almost scared of M (who is five weeks younger), but after M had a nap and reappeared you couldn’t keep them apart. Sprocket was patting him so gently and they chased each other around the was so nice to see them having fun together even though I’m sure they’ll be getting each other into mischief before long!

K has 4 more days of term left, and then just over 2 weeks off on holiday. She had a few days off last week as well and we had a nice few days together. We went to the awesome gardens across town and had a great picnic lunch one day and fed the ducks by the lake which was lots of fun. K also had an appointment with the gynaecologist because of all the intense stomach pain she’s had for the past several months (she had an ultrasound which was clear so the gp thought it must be endometriosis and had referred her to the hospital but we then got a referral back to our fertility doc who also did K’s endo surgery 2 years ago). Long story short after all this time we walk in and before we even sat down he told her it was neuropathic pain from the original endo as it was so severe and messed with the nerves/spinal cord response. This made a lot of sense as the pain was different to last time, but no one really listened to that, and he said that a lot of specialist even don’t know much about neuropathic pain so she could have ended up having more surgery for nothing if we had gone to the hospital. So very grateful we chose to pay to go to him instead of taking the free route through the hospital especially seeing as he knows her/our history so deeply. The pain can be brought on or worsened by a number of triggers, including yep, sure makes a lot of sense! Although it’s still incredibly painful for K, it’s a relief that it’s not anything more serious and doesn’t require major treatment. We’ve just got to figure out ways to get her stress levels down now but we are starting to make some progress on that front too.

Yesterday we went to visit and meet our brand new nephew who was born on Saturday. It was kind of surreal as it’s the first time we’ve been back to the birthing unit where we stayed for 2 days after being released from hospital. They were even in the same room as us and it was a real reminder just how far we’ve come in the last 12 months.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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