On the move

There’s been a lot happening in the past few weeks – for one thing we’ve now barrelled past 11 months, and well on our way to ONE.WHOLE.YEAR. We sent out Sprocket’s birthday invitations last night, which was done via a pretty cool slideshow of photos done by my talented wife. It’s going to be a fairly low key morning tea celebration as we have to pack up and head up to K’s parents straight afterwards as we’re heading over to Australia for a week’s holiday at 6am the next morning.  But we’re really looking forward to it even so!

We’re hoping that BD will be able to come up for a few days prior but it depends on his work. We haven’t seen him since October and we’re looking forward to seeing him again and for him to see how much Sprocket has grown and changed.

Sprocket is a very busy boy these days, he’s on the move all day long and doesn’t even like to stop for naps. He’s getting lots of bumps as he’s getting more and more adventurous. He pulls himself up and cruises around any furniture, walls or doors he can find, and he tries to climb on anything he can – including pulling himself and his feet completely off the ground while holding onto a drawer the other night. He has walked a few steps with his block walker thingy, and has stood independently for a few seconds a couple of times – you can see him gauging distances between chairs or people so I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes his first steps before too much longer.

He has also figured out how to open the clips on the side of the big plastic containers we use to keep his toys in (we rotate the ones in his toybox every couple of days). He seems to have great hand/eye co-ordination including being able to take a ball from us with one hand, cleanly with no fumbling, while swinging on the porch. He is also continuing to be very cheeky – there are several things he is not allowed to touch, such as the tv, so he will go up to them and put one hand on it before turning to look at us and shaking his head no. Then continuing on and doing whatever it is anyway with a little grin. One of the hardest things is not to laugh/smile at him when he does this because he is just so darn cute!

Sprocket’s hair is now getting much longer and thicker very quickly, he’s got such beautiful golden blonde hair. It’s funny because we never imagined him with anything but brown hair but in actual fact both K and BD were blonde as babies. He’s got two bottom teeth through, which means putting your finger in his mouth to check for more has become a very dangerous occupation! He’s been getting a couple of styes on his eye but is now on some ‘erbs which seem to be helping. He loves to clap his hands and wave, this morning when we went into his room to get him up he was sitting there cross legged and clapping lol.

He is still loving on the animals, now he likes to stand up with the dog and the dog has taken him on a slow little walk around the lounge a couple of times. He has also given up on his grass phobia, and now is happy to crawl around outside on the grass or concrete – and in fact he is now crawling properly more often than not which I put down to him finding his hard stomach landings on the concrete not being that nice. He still does his worm like crawling at times, especially when I am ‘chasing’ him down the hallway, but it’s not his only mode of movement anymore.

We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead, but one of the busiest was last week when K was away at school camp for a few days, and then had to run the school swimming sports event on the friday. At the same time we had my father staying with us and then on Saturday night we all went to a wedding. The wedding was lovely, it was the first non-family social outing we’d been to together since Sprocket was born and we had a great time. Sprocket was invited too and on his high chair at the reception he had a bucket waiting with lots of goodies including bubble mixture, a ball, a car and lots more. There’s a couple more weeks left until school holidays, and K is very stressed so here’s hoping it goes quickly. There is so much going on for her and she’s not in a great place right now but there’s also no quick or easy fix. I’m hoping that the holidays and our trip away will be good therapy.




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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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