10 Months

A bit more like 10 and a half months, but here’s some Sprocket bullets:

  • Crawling – after about 7 weeks of full speed commando crawling, we were resigned to the fact that Sprocket probably wouldn’t crawl properly at all. In fact, K was telling someone just that when right in front of them Sprocket got up on hands and knees and crawled several steps. He still prefers his commando for speed but he’s spending a lot more time on his knees.
  • Standing – he is now a pro at pulling himself up to stand. He’s been doing this for a while on the couch, especially when the dog or cats are up there. He’s also now walking around furniture and just started pulling himself up on more mobile objects such as his ride on car. Of course there are lots of bumps and head banging but he’s getting the hang of things. This week he has also started standing up in his cot which has necessitated our shifting the furniture around – although he was enjoying being able to pull his curtain and look out the window instead of napping.
  • Sitting – he is now mastering the art of sitting down from standing, rather than his previous falls, and he has also mastered going from his stomach to sitting upright too.
  • Walking – well he’s not actually walking yet, but he loves making his way around furniture and grabs our hands to have a go any chance he gets. Hopefully a little way off yet though!
  • Climbing – our boy is a climber. We had put some giant plastic containers in strategic places to block off areas in our lounge but very quickly learnt how to pull himself up and over and faceplant to the other side. He spends a lot of effort trying to hike his leg up on the couch unsuccessfully but had a breakthrough yesterday when he used one of his toys that was lying next to it and made it all the way. He will go over and through anything – even if you think the gap is too small, he will manouever his way through.
  • Teeth – FINALLY! We started seeing serious signs of teething at 3 1/2 months and have had many rough times when he has been in a lot of pain as they got closer, then further away, then closer again, then disappearing. Last week he finally had one well and truly break through on the bottom, with the other front bottom tooth not far away at all. YAY! I know there’s still a long way to go, but it’s so satisfying to see something now.
  • Talking – as well as ball and moo, he is definitely saying Mum/Mama as well as possibly breaking out a couple of others off the cuff.
  • Waving/Clapping – he has started to wave a little more regularly now, he did it almost unprompted when K went to work this morning, and waved at a receptionist when we left a clinic yesterday. He has also been clapping for a while but again has usually needed a bit or prompting. Today he has started to do it on command – where we say clap hands and he just does it without seeing us demonstrate first. We haven’t really spent much time on these things so it’s especially cool to see and leads to plenty of high fives, which he’s had nailed for a while now.
  • Electronics – he still loves phones, remotes and cameras. Every time the phone rings, he stops what he’s doing and comes over to try and take over. He has progressed to our sky (cable) box and figured out how to turn it on and off. He loves doing this and seeing the colours change, of course we’re trying to teach him to leave it alone but he will sneak there any chance he gets and we’ve missed recording a few preset shows when we’ve not noticed it’s switched off. He also still loves the vaccuum cleaner and likes to hum along to it when it’s turned on. Yesterday we were at a coffee shop and they turned on a blender so he had to join in with that too!
  • Dancing – Sprocket loves to dance. He will start boogying anytime he hears a beat, whether it’s our radio, the neighbours radio, a passing car stereo or a hammer. Yep, he will bop away to any rhythmical noise!
  • Animals – Sprocket seems to have turned a bit of a corner with our pets (2 cats, 1 dog), and is starting to really understand the ‘gentle’ prompts we give. Likewise, I think the animals are learning that he is actually a little person after all, he’s here to stay and willing to give them a ton of attention. He is very into kissing things at the moment, and will make a beeline to whereever the animals are and (mostly) gently lay his head on there side or neck. He is fascinated by their feet and faces, and although we are watching like hawks and removing him when he gets a little carried away our pets seem just as fascinated by him now.  There was a patch where the dog was a bit wary (not suprising anyway but especially after her major operation), but now she is all about sprocket – of course it helps that he gladly throws her food from her highchair). Even the evil cat is quite taken with him, and so far being a lot nicer than we expected.
  • Love – he is, for the most part, a very loving boy. He loves him some cuddles and kisses, and has started giving his own kisses – even if they can be a little wet. He does get very frustrated when he is tired or sore and lashes out or pinches but this seems to be cutting back now thank goodness. He doesn’t like being told no, so we’ve had a few arched back tantrums but distraction is a wonderful thing.  He loves to cuddle his teddy bear, and he just adores our fluffy couch cushions and will prostrate himself to hug them whenever he can reach one.

I’m sure there is a lot more than that, but I think those are the high points. He is such an awesome little boy now and we are really enjoying getting to know his personality a little more each day.




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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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