Nine Months

*insert standard ‘where has the time gone’ line here*

Sprocket is now 9 1/2 months old, he is such an amazing little boy and we are so much more in love with him each day. He has his moments, and when he has them you’d better watch out, but for the most part he’s still a happy and easy going baby.

So much has changed in the last couple of months, we’ve gone from having a real baby who was just learning how to roll over to having a real little boy who is sitting up, pulling himself up and crawling around the house at a rate of knots. He started the crawling on Boxing Day, finally he saw the Christmas Tree open and clear and he just decided he would get to it. It took him a while the first time, but after the first few runs at it he got the idea and there’s been no looking back. He does more of a commando crawl really, he does get up onto his hands and knees but when he decides to go for something he puts his belly back down and kicks/pulls himself along.

He’s also in the last week or two starting to pull himself up from sitting to standing. He still can’t work out from lying to sitting so he often will lie on his stomach in front of the couch and try and pull himself up but his legs just get lost underneath him. No doubt it won’t be long before he has that mastered too though!

Christmas was great, despite a little stress organising things on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning (we had 9 of my family here for dinner Christmas Eve and then 15 of K’s family for Christmas Day), it was really nice having everyone coming to us for Sprocket’s first Christmas. We then had K’s parents stay for a few days followed by my parents and then my niece, so there was plenty of family time for all of us. Sprocket just loves people, so he was excited to be surrounded by his grandparents and his cousins and thoroughly enjoyed being doted on by all of them. He was very spoiled on Christmas Day, he is a very lucky boy to be loved by so many and that (not the presents but the love) makes us very happy.

Since then we’ve had my parent’s golden wedding anniversary party, where Sprocket was definitely the man of the moment as he jumped from person to person for cuddles and attention, caught up with some good friends and had lots of time just us 3 as well. Sadly school is starting again so K is back to work in a couple of days but it has been an amazing seven weeks that I am so grateful to have had. Of course it’s been meant to be summer holidays but there has only been a couple of days of that – most of our adventures outdoors have involved dodging rainclouds!

Developmentally he’s doing well, still skinny and in the 25th percentile for weight but tall and in the 75th for height. Some people still try to tell us that he should be around the same for both but he’s healthy and happy so we’ve given up worrying about that. He’s eating solids in a big way now, three meals and two snacks a day and down to four bottles a day – morning and night and then after each snack/before his nap. His favourites right now are definitely blueberries and banana- luckily they’re in season and we’re going to have to start freezing them for winter. He also loves kumara, pumpkin, and corn but will eat just about anything at the moment so we’re taking advantage of that and trying  as much as possible. We’ve mostly done baby led weaning with him so he’s very adept at finger foods and has been using his pincer grip to eat blueberries, peas, corn etc for several weeks now but we’re now getting to the point where he has to feed himself if he’s being spoonfed as well – messy messy!

We had a run where he was waking between 4.30-5 and we were trying to resettle him until 6 or 6.30 for his morning feed (this is in between a high needs dog that’s been waking us in the night as well for toilet outings) so we were all ending up exhausted before the day even started. So we eventually decided with the advice of K’s sister to just give up and give him his bottle at 5am if he wakes, and then put him back to sleep. This is working beautifully and has reset the rest of the day too. Whereas before he was also only have 2 or 3 45 minute naps, no matter what we did to try and extend them, he is now getting up for the day around 7.30-8am and then having two 1 1/2-2 hour naps at 11am and 3pm. Hello sanity anyone? It was so difficult before to get anything done or even rest while he was sleeping but now it actually seems like a productive length of time to clean or do otherwise useful activities (okay yes or nap on a bad day!)

Because he is now into anything and everything he can get to, we’re having to watch him like a hawk and have blocked off areas so he can have a decent run of the house. This weekend we plan to get some more baby proofing equipment and get to the rest of the house. He has now discovered doors too which is our main concern right now. Even though he’s getting more and more independant in his exploring, he still loves coming back for cuddles and is a very affectionate boy.

He is a very curious boy, and particularly loves toys with wheels or balls. He has a bit of a love/hate relationship with his first truck we got him, he will sit there pushing it back and forth and then all of a sudden brush it away angrily – we’re not quite sure why except that maybe it’s not doing what he thinks it should. He gets frustrated sometimes when he knows how a toy works, but he can’t quite do it himself although his motor skills are quickly catching up with him. He likes to put his toys inside something, like a box or cup, and will quite deliberately place them down and then take it out again. He does this in his playpen too – he will place his toys just outside the bars one by one and then pick them back up again. As I said before, he loves balls and has started playing catch with us too. We can sit a metre apart with one of his small balls and he will throw it to us and laugh when we throw it back to him.

I think that’s my favourite part of this age – he is becoming so interactive and starting his own games. His personality is starting to shine, and he’s definitely got a cheeky side to him but his grin and laugh are so infectious – there are many times we have to turn away so he doesn’t see us laugh, and I know this is only going to get worse! 

We’re having a debate at the moment over whether he is officially saying his first word or not. On and off for a while now we’ve thought he said mama, and mimicking us with a few other words, but it’s not consistent and not really associated with us that we can tell. This week though K was matching his toy animals to the pictures in his book and using their noises. When it came to cow he copied her with a very definite ‘mmmmmmmm’. He has done this daily since when we’ve shown him the cow, sometimes with prompting and sometimes himself. It’s not exactly a word, more of a sound, but he definitely understands the link and has even done it unprompted to the page of the book with the cow on it. Either way it’s pretty cool!

Yesterday K was in at school so Sprocket and I went in to visit my old work and have a farewell morning tea (oh yeah, I resigned from my job before Christmas). He had a great time going around all the offices visiting people but was pretty tired afterwards. We were spending the rest of the day with my friend and her baby to save driving all the way back to our town. When we got there her son was asleep so Sprocket was having lots of tired cuddles with me on the couch. When his best bud woke up, Sprocket got so excited and sat bolt upright laughing his head off for a full five minutes and reaching out to a slightly sleepy and bemused M. It was so freaking cute! Then when they were down on the floor together Sprocket kept crawling all over M’s legs and they were just loving on each other – I can’t wait until M is crawling too and watch them chasing after each other.

I’m sure there’s a ton more stuff too, hopefully now with more time while he’s napping I’ll be able to get back to blogging (and commenting) more regularly so there won’t be such long gaps between. That’s the plan anyway!


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