A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I’ve been enjoying reading along with the 12 Days of Christmas series started by An Offering of Love so although I’m a little behind the times, I’m joining in too!

But first, if you love Christmas but want a laugh or if you’re a little over the holiday music assaults – check this out, guaranteed to make you smile! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQkF7fpw-wI

A Partridge in a Pear Tree (Trees)

The first several Christmases we had together we didn’t bother having our own tree, we would mostly be travelling to stay with family and it wasn’t something that we had a lot of money to spend on so we made do with a few decorations around the house but no actual tree.

In 2007, and no doubt after a lot of nagging by me, we bought our tree – it’s an artificial tree (hayfever anyone?) but it’s a pretty good looking one that we got cheap in the post christmas sales.

A couple of years ago we decided we would start a family tradition of putting the tree up together on December 1st, listening to Christmas songs and having a nice dinner to kick off the season. Of course what we didn’t consider at that time is that the first week of December is a crazy time for a teacher in NZ and nearly always the last week of the school year. This means on the 1st K is often away at camp/attending her school leaver’s dinner/staff night out/anynumberofthings. So far we’ve had to reschedule to the next weekend every year until now. This year K was supposed to be at a dinner, but it was during our Week From Hell so she ended up staying home.

We have tried to cater to the slightly OCD side of K’s personality and colour coordinate the main decorations to silver and gold, then red, then there were some nice purple decorations on sale one year, then we needed more red but oh dear it’s not quite the same shade as the first ones….you get the picture!

We also buy ourselves one new decoration each year, this helps us curb the desire to buy tonnes more decorations than we need but also is a nice story book of our lives to look back on. We have decorations that are gifts from friends and family, and the tree is topped by a silver star (mostly because we couldn’t find an angel that was pretty enough!).

I love it. I have always loved the Christmas tree growing up, it was always put up in the ‘people’s room’ – a room that my parents mainly used for entertaining and was nearly always off limits to kids. As my family are very wide spread age wise (my oldest brother is 18 years older than me, my youngest 8 years older) often Christmas was the only time our family would all be together and so many of those memories are tied to the tree. I still love it, and this year I love it even more because I get to hold Sprocket in my arms and explain to him what all those ornaments mean to us. My favourite is the one of a surfie santa sitting on a turtle that we got in Hawaii right before we came home and started that last IVF cycle – a memory of one of the best and most peaceful times of my life.


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