Farewell November, Hello December

Just to recap the rest of the sucky November in our house:

  • K’s scan confirmed she has torn her achilles. So far she has been in and out of 4 casts  – replaced for scan, broken and then the last one put on too tight resulting in a late night trip to a&e to have it removed. She’s now in a moon boot but not able to put any weight on it at all at least until tomorrow’s scan. As she already has a back injury she’s being treated for, she can’t get around school on crutches so is relegated to a wheelchair as it’s the last 2 weeks of the school year and she can’t be away. But the geniuses at work at the national accident compensation/insurance scheme would rather pay thousands for her to stay home from work than $35 per week on wheelchair hire so that’s costing us  too (although we’re fighting to get reimbursed for that because it’s so ridiculous!)
  • Our dog Tai had her operation last week, it all went well and she’s now got a whole bunch of screws and plates in her knee. The vet has been great and kept her for an extra couple of days to give us more time to get our house sorted. She’s now got a very small area where she is locked away for the next 6-8 weeks but he is really impressed at how well she is healing – well ahead of the curve he said.
  • Sprocket has stopped staying still in one place and is now rolling all over the room whenever he is put down, his love affair with curtains that began when he was only a few days old is blossoming now he can roll over to the floor length ones in our lounge in just a matter of seconds. We’ve now bought a playpen which at least keeps him away from the nasties.

And the last 48 hours?

  • Sprocket has an ear infection, and is now on antibiotics again (so much for avoiding them le sigh). He’s been a bit grizzly the last few days so hopefully he’s on the up now.
  • Late Tuesday night Tai got really sick, vomitting a lot and looking sicker than we’ve ever seen her so at nearly midnigt I took her back to the vet (thank goodness for emergency callouts even if they do cost an arm and a leg). She refused to budge at all off the lawn and I had to carry all 33kg of her right around the outside of the house and into the car. Luckily she’s doing a lot better now and the vet thinks it’s just a stomach bug but treating her very cautiously after such a big operation so has kept her in for a couple of nights.
  • The biggie though is K’s leg. On Sunday it started being really sore in the tight cast, and didn’t get better after it was removed so yesterday it was back to the doctor and a scan which revealed she has dvt (blood clot). Unbelievable. So she’s now having to take anti-coagulants for the next 3 months, as well as self injecting for the next couple of weeks which it builds up, and having blood tests daily to determine each day’s dosage. There is so much about this which is hard but the worst (other than the fact this is potentially life threatening and very, very lucky it was caught early) is that the drugs mean that she has had to stop breastfeeding immediately. I haven’t blogged much about the breastfeeding difficulties as I know K is going to do it one day, but it has been an incredibly hard road for both of them and she has done an amazing job persevering when others would have given up months ago. They were down to only two feeds a day, morning and a brief night feed, but it was very sad to have to give him a bottle this morning and for them not to have that bonding time in bed together. She was determined to do everything that she could to keep that up for as long as possible so to have this happen and have to stop without warning is pretty devastating and not the way we wanted it to end. I am so proud of her for keeping going as the problems have been out of her control – I know it’s been hard but it would have been easier for her to have given up a long time ago so I’m in awe of her strength and commitment to continue even though I know she’ll try ans disagree with me.

While this is a terrible thing to have happened, I am so grateful that it was found and as hard as the consequences are at least it is treatable and K will be okay. We have got to the point now where it is just ridiculous the number of things that are going wrong (we’re also fighting with the bank to get the loan through to pay the vet bill – it’s all approved but as K’s driver’s license is 10 years old her signature has morphed a little since then and they won’t accept it – she had to resign the docs yesterday to try and forge her own signature). You have to laugh, really.

Today however is a new month, the sucky month is behind us and it’s the first day of Summer . Later this morning we’re back to the surgeon for my biopsy results which had better be good (it’s no longer November so they surely will be) and then this afternoon we’re putting our Christmas tree up and enjoying ourselves.

Onwards and upwards!!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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2 Responses to Farewell November, Hello December

  1. Mama J says:

    Wow, it sure has been rough for you all. I’m sorry, but yes hopefully up from here. Try to think positive and hopefully life will follow suit. Hang in there and happy holidays!

  2. Next in line says:

    You really need a new month! It can only get better. You two must be exhausted.

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