Right now K has got her event monitor which she’s wearing for 2 weeks to record all the cardiac related events that she experiences, and then it’s back to the cardiologist for (hopefully) the final appointment in a couple more weeks to recap all of the tests.

And because nothing’s ever simple in our world, the universe decided to throw another health issue at us – this time it’s my turn.

A few months ago I noticed a lump on my neck, didn’t think much of it and then forgot all about it until a few weeks ago. Once I found it again, of course I couldn’t help touching it and stressing so off to the doctor I went ready to be told it was nothing. The doctor was pretty positive that it was a thyroid issue, gave me antibiotics in case it was a swollen lymph gland in a funny place and had me give half my blood for testing. The antibiotics did nothing, the blood tests came back normal so he did some more tests (also normal) and sent me for a scan. The scan showed I have several small nodules on my thyroid (not uncommon) along with the one big one that I can feel across the bridge of my trachea. Although not exactly showing anything clearly for concern the big one is different to the others, so I’ve now been referred to a surgeon for follow up and a biopsy to check it out further. Thank goodness we have full cover medical insurance as I only have to wait 2 weeks for the first appointment rather than infinite months going through the public system (no thanks to the insurance broker who nearly got us transferred to a lesser coverage plan by double talking us – thank god we caught that in time because money is pretty damn tight right now!)

According to my doctor we’re still ruling things out and not ruling them in, but  I’ve definitely been having my moments waiting for results the last couple of weeks. Now that I know for sure that it’s not quite right and they’re using the big words like biopsy, no matter how commonplace that may be, it’s a scary place to be.

Luckily I have an awesome, positive wife who is great at cheering me up even when she’s got enough of her own shit going on. Love.


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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4 Responses to More

  1. Vee says:

    Scary stuff. I hope the tests can put your mind at rest.

  2. oh wow, so much to think/worry about. keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you get some reassuring answers soon.

  3. jilldab says:

    Hoping all turns out okay!

  4. strawberry says:

    Sorry for all these recent bumps. It’s scary stuff. I just did some research on thyroid nodules because my mother is going through the same thing you are and getting a biopsy next week. The odds are at least in your favor that things will be ok. Wishing you all strength.

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