Big Boy

I’ve lost track of the number of blogs I’ve read and commented on with a ‘wow, really, six months already??’ but here I am living it myself.

It’s crazy to think we now have not a newborn, but a six month old infant already. Clothes that just seemed impossibly huge when we got home from the hospital are all of a sudden too small for him. Luckily for this stage we haven’t had to buy any ourselves, tonnes of hand me downs and newborn presents, as he’s growing so fast he doesn’t even get to wear them all before they’re having to be weeded out of his drawers again.

Speaking of size, we had another plunket check up and he’s piled on weight again in the last month (800gms) so back up to the 25th percentile which we’re very happy about. He’s now weighing 7.22kg and his length is about 70cm (they didn’t measure him this time so that’s from my untested measuring skills – we know he’s outgrown his 68cm clothes though).

He’s started solids with a vengeance now, we had been giving him some veges leading up to the holidays but as soon as they hit he decided he was starving and we’ve had to step it up to keep up with him. For now he’s having a bowl of farex (baby meusli) after his first feed in the morning, then some veges or toast during the day as well. He loves the farex, as messy as it is it’s so cool to see him eating and enjoying it. We’re still doing the BLW but bending a little on it as he has been so hungry and not satisfied with milk that we have fed him the farex ourselves so that he doesn’t have a meltdown. He’s still Mr Independent though and has his own spoon as well. This morning he dropped his spoon off the edge of the highchair straight away and opted instead to guide my spoon to his mouth – much more successful for him! In the last week we’ve tried brocolli, which wasn’t a huge hit but we will perservere, and toast which spread with avocado seems to be some kind of baby crack equivalant.

The dog loves it, as it’s veges we’re not too worried about feeding her scraps and seriously you would think cucumber was her favourite food and we’d been denying her all these years!

As of Tuesday, he has also been sleeping in his own room at night like a big boy. He’d been having his naps in there for a while and the first night was perfect. For him at least ;-). Since then we think he’s started with a bit of separation anxiety and we’ve had a few rough patches. He’s still sleeping mostly through the night thank goodness but the days have been hard where he just doesn’t seem to know what he wants – cuddles, playtime, food – and has a few wicked meltdowns the last few days  especially if one of us leaves the room or he thinks he’s alone. It has been great having both of us home as I know I would have been struggling if I was on my own! He also seems to be having more teething issues too which I’m sure is part of it. Still no teeth yet though, wish they’d hurry up they’ve been threatening for a couple of months now.

He is definitely turning into a real little boy though and we’re having a great time getting to know his personality (yes, it’s cheeky). I love the way he now holds his hands out to be picked up and his arms wrap around us when we’re holding him. He watches everything we do and tries to copy it, you can see his brain ticking over figuring stuff out and when he has a new toy it doesn’t take long for him to figure out how it works. He has great hand eye coordination and we were told by the parents as 1st teachers person who came to visit last week that he is quite advanced for his age in how he handles things. He is learning so much, so quickly and it’s an amazing privilege to watch.






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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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