First School Camp

Sprocket’s first school camp has been and gone, it was a pretty hectic few days starting when he woke up on Wednesday morning full of a cold. Luckily Mr CMM could see him before he and I left town late morning so he got some ‘erbs which helped immensely. The trip was about 2 hours long, he slept most of the way – occasionally I’d hear his toy rattling or him chatting away but the rest of the time he was out to it. He’s such a good boy when he wakes up, rarely cries unless he’s really hungry instead he’s just content to play with whatever’s nearby or his hands if that’s all he’s got.

K had left early (had to be up at 5.30am) so they were well on their way, we caught up with them while the kids were mountainbiking mid afternoon and seeing as K wasn’t able to ride with them we had a nice time just relaxing on a blanket under the trees. It was so nice just to stop and chill out instead of thinking of all the million things that need to be done around the house. Sprocket loved it, he’s a big fan of trees, plus he was excited to find Mummy K in this new place! We spent the night in a pretty cool cabin at the camping grounds with an awesome view and private deck – we’re already planning many more holidays there. The next day we drove another hour or two to another town, this time Sprocket was not happy about being in the car and screamed a good portion of the trip as he had a bout of reflux and sore belly. We stayed at another campground that night which was run by a real prize of a bloke and wasn’t nearly as good. K was tied up with the kids most of the days and nights but we did get to spend a couple of hours together during the day hanging out which was nice – we saw less of each other than we would have if we’d been at home but more than if she’d gone alone. It was hard for her being split making sure that we were okay and knew what was happening while concentrating on working at the same time – there were some moments of stress but all in all it was a nice change of scenery for us all. Sprocket got to see and hear lots of things, we’re coming into summer now so this was including putting his bare feet on grass for the first time which he thought was pretty cool and nearly bent himself over double trying to check it out. We also put his feet into a big giant sandpit but at the same time we did that the big school kids started playing bull rush on the giant air pillow not far away and he freaked out with the noise. That didn’t last long though because once he was safely back in Mama’s arms he thought it was hilarious the way they were diving and tackling each other.

Friday we headed back home after lunch, another 2 hour drive, and had a few hours at home and then that night after Sprocket was asleep we headed out again to pick up K from school and continued up to K’s parents place for the night. Saturday we went to the big parent and child expo in Auckland which was awesome, we could have spent a lot more time there but we were all exhausted and it was also our nephew’s birthday so we wanted to make sure we spent time with him before coming back home that evening. Sunday we pretty much vegged out and slept!

And then on Monday, K’s heart decided it wanted to play silly beggars again and flicked back into atrial fibrillation so she spent most of monday afternoon and night in the hospital. Sprocket had a cough and wasn’t too well so luckily K’s sister was able to stay with her while she was there. It was so hard not being able to be there with K, but after the nasty tummy bug he picked up last time we were there we didn’t want to take any chances. They gave her lots of drugs to try and chemically revert it but it didn’t look like it was working so they were going to take her to the ward and then in the morning sedate her and shock her heart back into the right rhythm. Thank goodness the drugs finally worked about 11pm and at 4am she was released – and thank goodness again her sister drove back to the hospital to pick her up, we love her!

It was the first night she’s spent away since Sprocket was born and he was definitely looking for her, because of the drugs as well she wasn’t able to feed him for another 24 hours so it was a hard couple of days for them. We still don’t know anything more about why this is happening, she has more tests scheduled for the next few weeks but I don’t know whether we’ll get any more answers from those – the cardiologist didn’t seem to expect them to show anything but we’ll see.

For now it’s only 2 days to go until school holidays, we’re very much excited by this! It’s K’s birthday on Monday so Sprocket and I are going to walk to the shops soon to do some secret birthday business. Her parents are staying with us on Saturday night and are going to babysit so we get to go out to the movies for our first adult time out since he was born so we’re very excited about that too. The weather the last few days has been beautiful so hoping it holds out and we can make some trips to the beach, the gardens and the zoo as well.



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One Response to First School Camp

  1. Next in Line says:

    I just noticed that your ticker says sprocket is six months! Wow. That went fast. Have a great holiday girls.

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