I’m taking advantage of the fact that it’s so nice and peaceful here right now to do a quick update post.

Tomorrow K is heading off at the crack of dawn on school camp for three days, this time around instead of staying home and working I am packing Sprocket up later in the morning and we are road tripping it to join them. It’s her senior class and they will be doing a lot of mountain biking, which she can’t join in right now, so we will have a bit of time together during the day and then I’ve got my kindle loaded up to spend the evenings in our cabin with Sprocket while K is busy supervising. It’s meant to be beautifully sunny the next few days (but pretty cold and we are going near the mountains), so it should be a nice change of scenery.

This morning I took Dogface to her own camp, where hopefully she will get lots and lots of exercise, and now that Sprocket is having his afternoon nap I’ve got absolute peace. Of course I’ve still got to finish the washing, clean up, work out what we need to take, pack etc but at least there’s no accompanying barking.

Sprocket all of a sudden seems to be growing up quickly. He’s learning how to put his own dummy in back in his mouth consistently (contingent on picking it up correctly of course), interacting in more different ways with his toys, playing games with us, learning how to let something go when asked.. the list is almost endless.

We have started baby led weaning with him, he’s a little shy of 6 months but he was champing at the bit so to speak so we’ve let him have some cucumber and some carrot so far. The cucumber he wasn’t a fan of right away, but he did seem to like the coolness against his gums after the first few tries. The carrot he loves, probably because it’s a little sweeter but also he’s getting more used to bringing it to his mouth and finding a flavour rather than the sameness of his toys. We’ve been using his bumbo seat with the table on it, which sometimes he seems to like but sometimes he hates it too – it doesn’t always seem to be the best thing with a refluxy baby as it compresses his tummy a bit too much so we have to make sure that he’s well clear of a feed before we put him in it. The other day we sat him his phil and ted’s clip on high chair at the table and he thought that was pretty cool. We have also given him water in a sippy cup, which he knew how to use right away (he has always taken his liquid losec drinking from a medicine cup so that probably helps). The only problem was he wanted to do it all himself and was not impressed at Mummy trying to control the flow!

He’s still in his bassinet for now, but the time is limited – school holidays in 10 days and we are going to transition him to his cot in his own room then. He is still such a happy chappy, he never cries when he wakes up, he always just lies there chatting to himself and when he sees one of us come into his room he starts laughing and kicking his feet. It is very, very rare for him to cry at all, only really if he is hungry and he sees his bottle before it’s ready. We have taken to giving him a bath book to play with in the bath, which he just loves – he likes to chew on it and I’m sure he’s just dipping it in the water so he can drink off it half the time, but he gets sad when it floats away down the other end. Last night K took it off him when it was time to get out and he had a bit of a meltdown which is very unlike him.

Today we went to visit my brother and his son who is staying with him this week, Sprocket is just in awe of this 3 year old and follows his every move – I’m sure they’re going to be diabolical together in a few years. A few weeks ago we found out that this same brother and his partner are expecting a baby at the end of March next year which is really exciting. All of Sprocket’s other cousins are at least a few years older than him (ranging up to 21) and in other cities so it’s awesome that he will have a cousin around the same age in the same city to grow up near.

I forgot to add last time how much Sprocket loves to watch our pets. Our dog is a bit wary of him, she will come close when we are holding him and is protective and gentle with him but she would rather have the safety of distance. Our boy cat we are trying to keep well away, as he has a sketchy/scratchy history with children and although he is a very loving cat he is on notice. Our princess cat though is another story. Her and Sprocket have got a love thing going on for sure, she likes to jump up on our bed in the morning when Sprocket is having cuddles and come up close, he will reach out his hand and she rubs up against is while he pats her. Occasionally the pats needs to untangled by eagle-eyed Mums (useful tools for the letting go training), but the cat never seems too perturbed. Often she will come looking for him, and sit near him or watch what he is doing.

As for K and I, we are doing good. K has been working ridiculously hard the last little while so we are looking forward to a two week ‘break’ in the school holidays (although there’s always plenty of marking and planning to be done, at least they can be done from home with no students). It’s now been two months since I finished work, so I have ten more to go until my leave is used up and I can’t believe that I just don’t miss it at all. I thought I would, at least a little, but I really don’t. I was going to post last week related to the carnival topic of relationships and never quite got there, but we are good. It is sad to see so much heartache in the blog world, and irl too, and we have been plenty mad on some people’s behalf for some of the shenanigans we’ve heard about. We have certainly had changing dynamics over the past 6 months, but that is also true of the past 4 years, and I think we’ve done a great job of making it work for us. We realised early on in our relationship that it would take constant work to have a happy ending, and at times it has been that,  but at the same time we count ourselves as simply blessed to be in our little family. It’s an ever changing landscape, but without being too simplistic or getting too mushy we are very much as solid as ever.

Anyway this was going to be a short post but the peace and quiet must have made my brain engage for a change – Sprocket is now chatting away to himself so time for me to get him up.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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