All about Sprocket – 5 months

It’s hard to believe but we’re only a few days shy of 5 months now, and into September and spring in this part of the world.

Sprocket had his 5 month check with plunket this week, he is doing well although we all had a nasty tummy bug about 2 weeks ago and he lost a lot of weight again. It was a horrible week, it started with a visit to the hospital A&E (ER) on Sunday afternoon as K was having more heart trouble. We think Sprocket may have picked up a bug in the waiting room as on Tuesday night he started vomiting. It was horrible, the poor little boy’s whole body was convulsing as he vomited about 7 times in an hour. We went to the doctor who said it was just a gastro bug and what to watch out for, and took him home trying to feed him little and often to keep him hydrated. Wednesday I joined him in the sick ranks and poor K was run ragged looking after both of us. Thursday night was the worst ever, as Sprocket and I were still sick and K started as well. Luckily K didn’t get it as badly as we did, but I ended up with a flu/chest infection for the next week as well so she didn’t get much rest anyway.

When we went to the doctor Sprocket weighed in at 6.6kg, with clothes, he lost a lot of weight straight after being sick and had got back up to 6.41kg this week when he was weighed. This means a drop back down to the 9th percentile, after getting back to the 25th last visit. He is definitely eating like a demon now though so he’s coming right. His head measured on the 50th percentile still, at 42.5cm, but the real story was his length. He’s always been a long, skinny boy but he’s jumped again to 66.8cm which jumped from the 25th percentile to nearly the 75th! It’s not really surprising then that most of his clothes are way too big around the chest and waist while being just right, or even too short, on the arms and legs. He will have another weigh check in a month, and then his next developmental check will be at 8 months which is just before Christmas (seriously, where is this year going??).

We also had another lady visit last week from an organisation that comes into your home and gives you guidance/support on early childhood development and education. She will visit us each month and bring along an activity matched to Sprocket’s development for us all to do, as well as help us to make our own resources. They also provide a lot more developmental information and will source extra information on anything baby related that we want or need. We heard about this free service from a friend, and so far it seems pretty good. It’s amazing what resources are out there if you know where to look!

Sprocket is a very chatty wee boy, vocalising all the time. He is experimenting with different noises and sounds at the moment, and his favourite is blowing raspberries. He has the most infectious laugh as well, and he still continues to be a really happy baby. Even when he was sick and miserable, we were still able to get him to smile and laugh fairly easily which did us all good. He continues to be a real social lad, I went to the supermarket with him this week and he proceeded to make friends with all the elderly ladies in the place, literally yelling at them as they walked past our trolley and then charming them with his smiles and stories when they stopped to say hello.

Along with his infectious chuckles comes his cheeky little personality. For a while now he has figured out that he can lift his bottom up off the change table and wiggle around making it very difficult to get a nappy on. He loves to do this after a bath particularly, and next favourite trick is to squeeze his legs together really tight and laugh. He still absolutely adores his bathtime, he’s a big fan of splashing these days and ends up with water all over himself and the bathroom. He also loves to look at himself in the bathroom mirror, which wraps around two walls so he can usually see 3-4 babies in there. It is a bathtime routine to check himself out in the mirror and laugh his head off. He has also started trying to bend his head down and drink the bath water (following on from sucking the water off his hands repeatedly).

Although Sprocket is still only rolling from tummy to back, he is so damn close to going the other way but he just doesn’t quite get there. I know our lives will be a whole lot different once he does learn how, so we’re not too stressed about it. At the moment he is still using his hushamok hammock in the lounge for naps, but he is really getting too big for it now and once he does roll back to front then he won’t be able to use it so we are transitioning to the big cot in his room for naptime. At night he is still sleeping in his bassinet in our bedroom, although the way his height is going it won’t be long before that’s all over too. As tempting as it would be, his cot won’t fit in our bedroom so once he is too big then he will be in his own room which will be a big adjustment for all of us.

We are still doing a mix of breast milk and formula, breastfeeding has been a struggle and getting sick didn’t help as K’s supply dropped and is only just now getting back on track. Sprocket has a few patches of nasty excema that have popped up in the last several weeks so on the advice of Mr CMM K has cut out all dairy and swapped from cow’s milk formula to soy milk. We’ve also had some hair testing done for allergies which we will hopefully get the results back soon.

For probably over a month now he’s been showing signs of teething with lots of drooling, red cheeks and chewing particularly on his lower left gums. This is on and off a bit, but I’m sure that there’s a tooth lurking not too far away. These days everything goes straight into his mouth for a good old chew. We also think he’s not far off starting solids, for a few weeks he has been intently watching us when we eat and drink and mimicking chewing as we do. He’s started to get really upset occasionally because we’re not sharing. We have decided to try baby led weaning, and will probably start this quite soon but only after we get the allergy results so we don’t inadvertantly make his excema worse.

All in all, we are just so blessed to have him in our lives. We love him so much it’s incredible, and he brings so much joy and happiness on even the worst days. I know we thought we knew how much we wanted a baby while we were still ttc, but it doesn’t begin to compare with how we feel about our son now.


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One Response to All about Sprocket – 5 months

  1. loved reading this post, he sounds like such a sweet baby with two very doting, in-love-with-him parents … what a lucky boy!! :~D

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