All About Sprocket at 16 weeks

I’m not sure why I went away from Sprocket as a blog name, and started with Mr T instead. I think it’s because I had a little trouble remembering to call him by his name when he first came home but we’re going to go back to Sprocket around these parts. He’s going to be 16 weeks old tomorrow, and it’s been a while since I blogged so here’s a Sprocket update for you all.

  •  We had the karitane nurse come last week, timed to come on Thursday so we would both be there. She was awesome, we like our plunket nurse (who she works with), but this lady was very interested and supportive of the alternative pathways as well as the medical mainstream. Plus she settled down on the floor with our cats and dog and didn’t blink an eye when the dog snuck up behind her and licked her face – we were mortified but she was charmed, go figure! Anyway, Sprocket is doing fantastically well, he weighed in at 6kg which puts him now in the 25th percentile so he’s well and truly catching up from his visit to the 2nd percentile. We measured his length and he’s 61cm so 25th percentile for that as well. He appears to be very long and slender, and we were caught up in thinking what a big boy he is until some friends came around on Sunday with their son who’s only 9 weeks old but still weighs the same lol. We’re very happy with how he’s doing though, the reflux is still very much there but with a combination of losec and ‘erbs we’ve got it about as controlled as it can be I think. He isn’t having any of those horrible stomach cramps he was having a few weeks ago and is still a really happy and cruisy kid.
  • With everything else that had been going on, he spent the first two and a half months in disposables, while we had a number of cloth nappies waiting to be tried. The last few weeks we’ve been working out what we do and don’t like and think we’ve come to a decision. There’s definitely a big difference between the styles and brands, so buying one or two of each and testing them out was the best thing we did. You quickly work out which ones fit best, which ones are more secure, which ones leak more, which ones you need more practise fitting! We’ve decided that we like the tots bots ones the best, just deciding between the regular and the bamboo ones. Has anyone used bamboo nappies at all? I’m wondering if they’re going to be too hot in summer or not, they’re definitely thicker but softer too so I’m not sure if that will make a difference or if it’s just a perception that they’ll be hotter.
  • Sprocket continues to just love his bath. Seriously, it’s the best thing ever. We have a tummy tub that we use when we’re in a real rush but most nights one of us will have a bath with him which he loves. This lets him lie back with us holding him under the shoulders/keeping his head up and he just goes mad with his arms and legs kicking. he loves to jump in the bath too, and recently started to watch the turtle and duck that we have in there. We’ve got lots of bath toys, both his own and ones we’ve had for his cousins when they’ve stayed, but honestly don’t think he’s going to need them much. He has too much fun on his own. We are looking forward to taking him swimming for the first time, and starting swim lessons hopefully when he’s 6 months.
  • The boy can laugh. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. He crinkles his eyes up first, then a crooked smile starts and then comes the giggle. He loves the funny noises mama makes, and apparently he also loves raspberries on his chest. Like I said before, he’s a very happy boy, which makes his Mummy and Mama very happy too. His favourite time to smile is bedtime. He gets put down in his bed sleepy, but still awake, and after a few minutes he will spit his dummy out and murmur/grizzle until one of us puts it back in. As soon as a head appears over the bassinet he is all smiles and laughs and ‘look how cute I am, you can’t resist me, you should pick me up and cuddle me, I love you, you’re pretty’. A charmer I tell you, of course we quickly turn our head away and avoid eye contact so he doesn’t think we’re encouraging him but damn if it isn’t the cutest thing in the world. Luckily he’s pretty good at going down, so it doesn’t take long for him to go to sleep anyway.
  • He has started using his hands a lot more too. He’s a big finger sucker, which is great because he’s always been a comfort sucker and now he can do it himself instead of needing the dummy. He’s going to be stubborn about doing things for himself, he’s already started with the bottle and likes to pull it to him and then push it away when he’s done. He sips his losec from a medicine cup like a big boy, and the push/pull communication is great for telling us when he’s ready for the next sip. He is also reaching for his toys and loves hitting at them when he is lying on his play mat.
  • His favourite toys are his giraffe, his musical glow worm and a tissue box with a pop out lion on it. He loves music, and he loves to dance (he’s got some pretty cool moves too). We took him to the zoo for the first time last week, and he loved looking up at all the trees. The animals were okay but omg did you see those trees Mum? Our local zoo has started doing annual passes so as soon as the weather starts to warm up we will be getting ourselves set up so we will be frequent visitors.

In other news, we had our one year transfer anniversary the weekend before last. I meant to do a blog but ran out of time/energy. So hard to believe it was only a year ago, it seems like so much has happened since then. That same weekend we had a great time with our friends who were in town and Sprocket was so taken with them that he asked us if they could be his godparents which made everyone very happy :). Sprocket came out with us for his first pub lunch, he was meant to be sleeping in his pushchair but he decided to wake up and watch the rugby on the big screen instead. Then he hung out while we played pool, and had his first drink propped up at the bar. As long as he sticks to drinking milk in bars, he’ll be fine!

Last week I finished up at my work, they’ve given me 12 months leave to stay home with Sprocket which is really great of them as it’s more than is legally required (although I’m not 100% sure they realize that). It’s been a really crazy last month or two and I’d been working a couple of hours late most nights leading up to finishing so it’s a big relief to be done for a while. I finished on Wednesday so that we had a few days together before K went back to work, and K said on Thursday night that she could just see the stress falling off me. It was bittersweet finishing because it wasn’t a real farewell as it’s only 12 months, but to be honest I don’t know if I’ll be going back to that same job at the end of it all. I love it, I really do, but it’s a huge job and it’s so stressful I’m not sure if it’s something that I can realistically do without full commitment. And the full commitment rolls over into family life which is far and away my number one priority. I do have a chance to do some contractor work a a few months time which would be great financially but may also open some different doors so we’ll see.

We had a nice couple of days, we had a few appointments to take care of on Thursday so went out for a nice lunch as well, and then the zoo on Friday. We stayed home for most of the weekend to just chill out together, and then yesterday K went back to work which has been incredibly tough. There are lots of humps to get over, but she survived the first day (she will probably blog about this at some point so I’ll leave it to her). Sprocket and I had a good day, he wasn’t impressed that it took so long for me to heat his milk (200mls takes a lot longer than the 50ml top ups we’ve been doing so boy did I get told about that!). He was a bit unsettled though and not at all keen to sleep, so we were both pretty exhausted at the end of it. Today’s been a little better, we switched it up a bit this morning and now he’s still napping which is great. Tomorrow my Mum is coming to stay for a few days so I really should be cleaning up a bit and getting the spare room ready but I’m taking advantage of the quiet to catch up on some blogs (including this one obviously!).

P.S – nearly forgot the most exciting part: as of this weekend, he is now rolling over front to back. He has been trying for a while to go from back to front and so it happened pretty easily when we put him down on his tummy the other day. He’s trying so hard to go the other way too – pulls his legs up and gets himself over on his side with lots of grunting and groaning but not quite all the way. Very proud of himself for getting himself off his tummy though!


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3 Responses to All About Sprocket at 16 weeks

  1. wow, i cant believe he is almost 4 months old!! he sounds like such a sweet, smart child!

    so, so jealous of your year off from work 😦

  2. Next in line says:

    There is so much good news in this post. I am thrilled that one of you can stay home for a year and you wont have to do the two working parents daycare craziness. I know it is hard for k to go to work though!! Eek. I remember going back.

    That is cool that he had his first drink at the bar.

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