Not long left …

… with my beautiful baby boy before I have to start back at work.  THIS SUCKS!! I went out today without baby and left him with Tui and even that was hard and we were only gone a few hours.

I wish I could go back part time or ease my way back into it somehow but unfortunately due to the nature of my job that is impossible.  As a high school teacher with set classes and times rotating day to day it just wouldn’t work.  And I can’t put it off because I had to confirm my return date before I even left, and Tui has tied things up for a years leave at her work starting Wednesday next week so things are all set.  I’m just going to have to suck it up.

My day is going to be something like this:

Wake / Feed T @ 6.30am, leave for work 7.40am.  Pump at breaks 11.30am and 1.00pm.  Leave work approx 3pm though school hours might change a little and I may get to leave a bit earlier meaning I might make it home for his afternoon feed around 4pm.  Mondays we have meetings until about 4.30pm and I have a netball team I’m supposed to resume coaching so supposedly will have practise one day after school to fit in also.  Not too sure if I will manage that or not.  The positives are that on the days where I have no class last period I may get to leave work at 1.00pm if my boss will allow it, which I expect he will.  This might happen once every 5 work days or so, unless it’s a Monday in which case I’ll have to stay for the meeting.  The downside is I have to fit my pumping into my only breaks which means no social interaction or downtime for me at all during the day.  Most breaks I used to work through anyway getting things ready for the next class but it was nice to have the option to take five during the day at some point.  Hopefully though we should be able to manage only 2 bottle feedings during the day, we will see how it goes.

An update on my neighbour vs saw incident – she came over a few days ago basically to say thank you.  She had severed her hand all the way across only the thumb was still attached and connecting her hand and arm.  She was in surgery for 9 hours and in hospital for 2 weeks but she is exceptionally lucky they were able to reattach everything and expect her to make a close to full recovery which is awesome.  She was so thankful for my help and couldn’t believe I got over the fence!  She had some blank spots in her memory and I was able to fill it in for her, I guess that would be important for processing what happened.  Luckily the glove she was wearing jammed the machine or she would have lost her whole hand.

In other news we are really looking forward to this weekend because our very best friends from the other end of the island (6hr drive) are heading up tomorrow to spend the weekend hanging out with us.  It will be the very first time they get to meet Mr T so we are super excited!!!


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5 Responses to Not long left …

  1. big hugs on the return-to-work. it sucks, for sure ((()))

  2. GaybyRabies says:

    😦 So sorry. Going back to work sucks. The first few are really tough emotionally, but eventually you get used to it. Have a great time showing off that gorgeous boy when your friends come to visit!

  3. poppycat says:

    I’m sorry you have to go back. I truly am. I won’t lie to you, it sucks. I hope you find the transition easier and happier than expected.

    Your neighbors accident is horrifying and made me feel queasy just reading about it. I bet she’s damn grateful you were there to help her.

  4. pomegranate says:

    I feel your pain. I am now closer to going back than to his birthday. I’m getting school-related snails that i should respond to but haven’t. And i have to stay late a lit because i’m the newspaper adviser. It’s going to suck.

  5. Skatey says:

    Good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking about you all. Hope the first day back goes well.

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