Two Months

Somehow in between all the doctors visits, hospital stays and exhaustion, Mr T has hit two months already!

He’s grown up a lot in the last couple of weeks:

  • he’s putting on weight like a champ – 4.58kg now
  • it seems like he’s grown longer in a big rush – now 58.9cm long
  • he is mostly breastfed, both at the breast and expressed bottles to top up, with some formula on hand when needed.
  • the Plunket nurse is happy with his weight progress (yay) and said that even though he’s got a way to go to catch up with where he should be compared to his length, he’s gaining consistently 450gm a fortnight which is more than they expect. Based on the old graphs he would be in the 25th percentile for both, but the new ones he’s still below the 9th for weight (25th of height).
  • the problem with clothes is that many are still fitting his waist and top half, but his legs are way too long!
  • as he’s been on so many different medications/formulas we bought a medicine dispensing dummy – one of the best things ever, so much easier to get medicine to stay in him rather than being spit up. He’s not silly though, he knows when it’s medicine and still screws up his face but most of the time still swallows it with no probs.
  • His eye is still looking a little swollen to us but not too bad, we took him back to the doctor who wasn’t concerned as no discharge, redness or fever, his antibiotics run out today so we’ll keep a close eye on him and take him back if need be.
  • We have his appointment at the hospital with the ENT specialist in July – much quicker than we expected which is great.
  • he LOVES his bath, most nights he has one with Mummy K and he loves to stretch out and kick his legs, and crane his head back into the water. Before long it’s going to get difficult to hold him as he really throws himself away from her like a backstroke swimmer.
  • where he used to absolutely hate getting naked and scream, he now knows he’s going to get a bath so he starts to smile and chuckle as he’s stripped down
  • he is a very smiley and happy baby, despite everything that he’s has been through. For the last couple of weeks he has been laughing and gurgling frequently. He now loves to go down on his playmat – where he used to lie there and look around he now has in depth conversations with his toys that could go on for hours!
  • he wrinkles his nose up often too, which coupled with a sly grin is just adorable
  • he is such a charmer, we took him back to the clinic a couple of weeks ago and he just loved flirting with the nurses (and they loved him right back!)
  • he does have a wicked frown when he wants to!
  • his favourite toy is a cheap toy giraffe I bought at the hospital when he was born (Giraffio), he was one of the first things that T smiled at. He also loves his brightly coloured ball that’s covered with tags, and of course the toys hanging from his playmat.
  • he has a real love affair with curtains – he can find them whereever we go and just stares and stares.
  • the absolute best thing in the world is when I get home from work and T immediately smiles at me – no matter what has happened that day, it makes everything okay
  • Our princess cat Zoom just loves him and likes to follow him around the house, often curling up not far away from him
  • Our dog Tai is getting used to not getting as much exercise as she used to, we have major guilt around that but it’s hard especially in winter. She still gets lots of love though and relatively speaking is probably still quite spoiled
  • Our other cat Neko is still ignoring him. This is a good thing as he has a nasty history with kids so we are keeping an eagle eye on him.
  • Mr T heard us talking the other night about how it’s going to be hard when K goes back to work in August and wondering when he would start to sleep through the night. Being the good boy he is, he decided he could do this right now so slept through from 11am to 6am that very night and has repeated it for 3 nights in a row now (long may it last!).

We do have a 2 month photo to post, but my camera battery is dead so I’ll leave you with this instead:


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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5 Responses to Two Months

  1. strawberry says:

    What a sweet boy! I love the dual-yawning pic 🙂 And all the rest.

  2. Next in Line says:

    Two months already??!! Wow what a cutiepatutie.

  3. So many wonderful things! That double yawn photo cracked me up.

  4. Skatey says:

    He’s so gorgeous girls! Here’s hoping that all the bad stuff is over andnow you just get to enjoy being a family. Love to you all.

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