Just another thing..

Little T has had a weepy eye on and off since he was born, we’ve always been able to treat it with a little breastmilk and saline but when it started up about 5 days ago neither of this seemed to work. When the midwife was here on Tuesday night (her last visit *sob*), she took a swab and sent it off for testing. The next morning it was swelling around the eye as well. K took T to the GP, who gave him some antibiotics and strict instructions to come back immediately if it got any worse.

Well, in the night it sure got worse with the swelling ballooning up around his poor little eye, so about 4am we took him to the a&e clinic and then were referred straight up to the hospital. They diagnosed it as periorbital cellulitis and he is not on iv antibiotics, which means he and K are in hospital for up to 5 days until it’s completely gone.

Because he’s so small, they had a hell of a time getting an iv into him, they tried both hands and arms (ruled out the feet as not looking worth the try) but it didn’t work. My little boy was such a trooper though, he let them keep trying and calmed down pretty quickly in between goes. By this point the midwife’s swab had come back so they knew exactly what they were dealing with (staph and therefore definitely cellulitis) and that they had to get the iv line in. Sadly this meant the only option left was to put the line in his head. I didn’t even know they did that, in fact thought they were joking when they first mentioned it, but no! The poor guy was looking really beat up after that with plasters from the failed attempts, a swollen bruised eye and a bandage around his head.

The good news is that the antibiotics are definitely doing the trick, the swelling has reduced drastically, and he is obviously a lot more relaxed and happier. We got a few smiles last night (K tells me lots more are coming out this morning), and when I left he was busy cooing away at his reflection in the side of the bassinet.

While he’s in there, they are going to check out some other things – the pediatrician that admitted him is quering whether he has a floppy airway so he will be seen by an ENT doc as well.

While we really can’t believe that he’s still not getting a break, we’re so relieved that at least he’s in the right place for this and he’s getting better so quickly. We’re really interested in the floppy airway thing as it sounds like it could have caused a lot of the issues and quirks he’s had so far – but we will see.


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8 Responses to Just another thing..

  1. strawberry says:

    Poor T (and you guys)! That is so sad, but glad it’s getting taken care of. This better be the last thing!

  2. poor baby! sounds like he is in good hands – ill be thinking of you all and hoping this is the end of hospitals/doctors for a good, long while. ((()))

  3. Jen says:

    Poor guy! He is the only other kid I have ever known to have cellulitis in his eye besides chunk! I remembered being freaked out and chunk was much older (9months I think) so I cannot imagine. Glad the meds are working and I hope it is the end of the medical mysteries!!!!

  4. c storm says:

    You have had such a tough time…what a bummer. This has to be the last thin and then you can go home and just relax and love your little guy. For what it’s worth I send the best of all possible hopes and wishes your way…

  5. Next in Line says:

    Gosh…I have so been there. IV antibiotics in the hospital. Bee was in and incubator and had IV antibiotics when she was born and one month later we were back at Children’s and she had it again. Not an easy time for sure, but one you will get through. Hugs!
    Ps our pediatrician recommended BioGaia one she was done with the antibiotics which are baby pro-biotic drops.

  6. marianne says:

    Poor babe! Glad the antibiotics are starting to work!!!!

  7. Geek says:

    Poor little thing, but glad to hear he’s improving now.

  8. geez louise, y’all have been through a lot! so glad things are better now.

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