Trucking along

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, we had a minor breakthrough yesterday afternoon when he did poo a fair bit (and boy was he nice and relaxed afterwards!). It felt like a major breakthrough at the time but he’s now gone back to constipation mode and we can tell he’s in pain again. Still, it’s a relief for us at least. He is too small for prune juice, but lucky K gets to drink it for him!

We also went to see the homeopath today, and now have his first ‘potion’ as my nieces and nephew call them. Hopefully this will help with both the reflux and the constipation. K has also started taking dom today to help with her milk supply so here’s hoping. T has been trying to stretch out his sleeps the last couple of days which makes the gaps between four hourly instead of three hourly. We know that sleep is good, and helps them grow, and he’s getting bigger so this is to be expected but also right now when we’re trying to bulk him up we need to be feeding him more often so we’re having to wake him up if he sleeps too long. But then this afternoon when K decided to have a nap too, he was up like clockwork demanding food at the three hour mark.

I think he does seem a little more settled, but it’s hard to tell and hard to trust that the weight gain is being sustained or that he won’t go backwards again. I have now got the whole week off, so it’s been nice having the extra time together, we’ve definitely needed it. I’ve almost finished the birth story (truly, it’s really coming!), contemplating another couple of blogs about T and his likes/dislikes, BD relationship stuff, and how much we’re going to miss our midwife when she stops coming. I have even managed to comment on some blogs (not all that I read sadly, but it’s been a while since I managed any!)

We also went this morning to a baby wearing support group, we’ve got a wrap that we couldn’t quite figure out so it was great to get some pointers. He has always loved being held and sometimes it’s the only way he’ll settle during the day especially, so now K can maybe start to have some more freedom to move around.They’ve also got a lot of other options that you can try to see what feels best, so we’ll definitely be going back there in a few months when he’s too big for the wrap.

Question for those of you baby wearers out there, where do you stand on the Great Debate: Do you think it benefits the child (i.e confidence/less separation issues etc) or creating a rod for your own back where they want to be carried all the time? At any stage, but particularly when they get bigger, toward toddlerhood?

And because I know you’re really all about the photos, I’ll leave you with his one month pic from last week, plus a bonus. We’ve having some family shots taken this weekend, so hopefully there’ll be some good ones from that too.

For the record, we didn’t pose him for the one month photo either – in fact we only noticed when K was reading this post, but he’s clearly continuing his matching streak!

Holy crap - THAT'S what you've been posing me next to?????

Just chillin


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6 Responses to Trucking along

  1. strawberry says:

    He’s such a cute little peanut! Adorable. On baby wearing- I think it’s lovely for a long time. At first, it helps a baby feel connected and secure, and I always loved feeling him against me. Later it’s just way convenient. Even when they’re walking at first, they lack speed and coordination, so it’s really convenient to strap em on and go. At this point, we do want our 2 year old to walk more. Sometimes it’s a challenge but I really think it’s his personality. He’s a bit lazy 😉 He’ll jump into the stroller at first opportunity. But if there’s no stroller and no Ergo, he has little choice. We don’t use the Ergo as often anymore because he’s a lot heavier, but again, it’s still a convenient way to transport him. All this to say, I’m for it!

  2. yay for baby poo! 😉

    we wear our babies a lot – we would never manage any hands-free activities without our Ergos! i loved carrying Bird when she was smaller, its heavenly having a little one snuggled onto you. now she wants to run everywhere herself so its harder 😉 in the evenings, i frequently strap on the twins on so i can prepare dinner, etc. my Ergo is a lifesaver!

    the pics are great…he is *beautiful*!!

  3. c storm says:

    My little is the youngest of three. My wife stays home, I work full-time. I could never have parented this one w/out wearing her a lot and I still wear her now at 17 months for an hour in the morning while I get people out of the door and then for an hour at night while we do a basic cleanup and make dinner, and then whenever we go out for a longer walk as I never bought a stroller. She walked at ten months so my mother-in-law was wrong…we did not delay her development. Quite the opposite…in my experience with my eldest, too, I think much-worn babies walk earlier and become more independent as toddlers than some unworn kids. I say do whatever is easiest…the baby will learn the lessons of the world and will grow and change and have her own quirks and personality in spite of, not so much because of, what you do so…do what’s easiest.

  4. tbean says:

    He is just the cutest–I hope the weight gain issues are steadily improving. As for baby wearing, we’re very pro around here. Double strollers are hard to manage so we wear them for most or all walks outside. And inside it is sometimes the only way to get a fussy baby to settle. Now that they are approaching 4 months, we’re starting to insist on more crib naps…it’s a work in progress.

  5. What a cutie! I hope y’all are continuing to make strides in the feeding and pooping department. Have you tried “dreamfeeding” him? (He stays asleep but you attach him to the boob/bottle.) Not sure if this works with reflux issues but thought I’d throw it out there.

  6. alexandra says:

    My son had similar issues and it helped a lot when I took dairy and gluten out of my diet ( I breastfeed exclusively). It made HUGE difference! We even took him of the reflux meds.

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