Title? What title?

Seriously it’s hard enough to blog without coming up with a title as well. I really should have started writing the birth story while K and T were still in the hospital, but as they say, it’s better late than never. I have officially started now, but I will catch you all up first!

Right now I’m on the couch with the most gorgeous boy in the world stretched out fast asleep on me, and a cat pinning my legs down as well. K is catching up on some well deserved sleep, so the laptop is getting a workout now!

This past week K’s mum has been staying with us which has been great. It was incredibly tough going back to work, although the first day I had a huge amount of people coming to visit my office to see photos so really it was all about T anyway.

Monday night our midwife C came to visit and T had lost weight again. She recommended that K pump and top him up to try and catch him up, and set up follow up visits throughout the week. He definitely is keen for the extra milk and had put some more weight on by Wednesday, but managed to lose some more by Friday. C came back on Saturday and he was about the same, so we will see how we go by Monday. He has been pretty happy and settled though, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of anything bad, he really only cries when he has wind or is hungry and settles down pretty quickly when we rectify either problem. Or when he’s naked – he hates having his clothes taken off, although he loves the bath, it’s just the getting in and out that’s the problem. He also certainly gets overstimulated when we have more people around and is harder to settle then, so we’ve had a couple of rough nights after we’ve had visitors. But we’re getting better at reading his cues and adapting ourselves, as well as trusting our instincts, which is helping.

We had already booked an osteopath appointment for Wednesday, which went well despite a bit of drama as we were late getting there as T decided he needed a feed first (and with the weight loss we certainly didn’t want to be making him wait). Then I managed to make a couple of wrong turns getting there so we were too late and had to rebook for later that day. The osteopath said he has an imbalance between his front and back, which is common for caesar babies as the don’t go through the compression and release of contractions as with a vaginal birth. She did some very gentle work with him and showed us some exercises to do to help and said that it is probably interrelated with his tongue tie as well, and causing the windy/reflux problems that were getting worse. Interestingly he has sneezed ever since he was born, probably several times a day. We hadn’t thought too much of it as it’s never more than one at a time or sustained periods but she asked whether he did or not, and then said it’s his natural way of trying to replicate the contractions to adjust his body. Clever wee chap!

Thursday morning we had a phone call to say that the oral surgeon had a cancellation and they had a free appointment that morning so we rushed in there where he checked T’s tongue, agreed that it needed to be done, and snipped it right then and there. The whole appointment was less than five minutes, and the surgeon checked his latch afterwards and he was immediately feeding a lot better. The poor boy screamed when the surgeon put his fingers in his mouth, but stopped as soon as it was over – I don’t think it really hurt him he was just pissed off with the fingers, definitely harder to watch than endure I think! Immediately he stuck his tongue out, it looked funny at first as we were so used to not seeing his tongue move very much at all, but he’s now exploring with it. We are so glad we got it done, and so relieved to have it over with – it does seems to have helped with the latching and feeding but even if it doesn’t ‘fix’ things we’re glad to have the question mark removed. Especially as it really was such a straightforward procedure.

Friday I woke up with a migraine and stayed home, so it’s been an odd week and next week will be well and truly back to reality with me being at work fulltime and K’s Mum now gone home.

Today for Mother’s Day we’re not doing much at all other than relaxing at home and adoring our sweet boy (which is more than fine by us!).


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to Title? What title?

  1. Poppycat says:

    Happy mothers day you too! I’m so glad you are enjoying it with your beautiful boy this year.

    Sounds like you are old pros at this whole newborn thing. Trust your instincts and you Can’t go wrong. I’m glad to hear the procedure went well and that hE is already feeding better.

    Yes please on the birth story!

  2. So glad the little snip has helped with the feeding of your sweet little son. Happy Mothers’ Day to you both and YES birth story, and can I put in a request for more photos? xo!

  3. Skatey says:

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day girls! Hope you are enjoying every minute of motherhood and all the changes that T is bringing to your lives. Glad you got his tounge tie sorted. Can we also put in a request for more photos??!!

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