In just 7 days …

We had another midwife appointment tonight.  All is well and continuing along as per normal.  I don’t like diabetes lady.  I sent through my blood results and food diary again and you know you’d think having lost 4kg in 3 weeks and having generally good results would be enough for some kind of positive feedback but apparently not.  At this point I just feel criticised and really friggen frustrated.  Comments such as “you need to keep active” which incidentally I read after returning home from a bike ride with the dog (seriously how many 39 week pregnant women do that, or any woman my size to start with?) are NOT helpful.  There is only so much one can do and we are doing everything we can and with good results.  I have lost weight.  Baby is only in the 30th percentile for predicted weight so this grostequely huge baby everyone is threatening me with does not exist.  My fluid levels are normal.  Our biophysical profile score was 8/8 so we have a healthy little buggar in there.  Other comments also in the email only served to really piss me off so I am wondering what is the point of doing this.  I can track my bloods for myself to keep an eye on it but I really don’t need someone else monitoring me when I am not going to follow their advice anyway (e.g birth in a hospital when there is no reason for me not to birth at home).  They even sent me a referral to the obstetrics department after I already told her I wasn’t interested in having any such appointment with them.  Honestly they think we are stupid or ignorant or something.  Raaa!  End rant.

Most of jobs needed to be done before baby arrives are completed, but I’m still not quite there mentally.  I don’t know if anyone ever is anyway really right?  Our plan is to wait until Saturday and if things don’t happen by then we will try some home based induction methods e.g accupressure points and herbal remedies.  We will go from there.  We are still happy to have regular monitoring of baby from 40 weeks on to keep a check on the placenta etc.  I have had some niggles so far but nothing serious yet.

We really wanted to do the whole April blog each day type thing that everyone is doing right now but we figured with baby due any time life will drastically change and it is unlikely we will have time or sanity to post each day.  So we are saving it for November!

That’s bout it, nothing much else to report, just sitting waiting for a baby to turn up!

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4 Responses to In just 7 days …

  1. Jen says:

    You were bike riding at 39 weeks? Damn. Sounds like everything really is okay, don’t listen to mean lady! Good luck ladies…

  2. A. says:


  3. Geek says:

    At 24 weeks my last lot of exercise was to float in the pool for an hour, occasionally making it from one end to another while I turned into a prune! Not even contemplating a bike.
    With that much exercise you’ll find labour a breeze.

  4. Eeee! Any day now! So excited for you!!

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