Everything trucking along nicely …

Hi Mums

Yesterday we went for a scan to check baby’s growth and my fluid levels to confirm or deny the panic surrounding the gestational diabetes diagnosis last week – panic denied!  I do NOT like that dietician we saw with all her “your baby will die if you don’t have it in hospital” overtones bla bla bla … well guess what lady?  Since tracking my blood levels they have consistently been in the normal range, give or take a few readings which had reasons for being outside of this and baby is perfectly on target in terms of growth, (6lb 8 right now) not too big or too small, and my fluid level is normal.  End panic.  I’m not saying there is no risk or things won’t change (please don’t change) but the amount of relief we felt walking out of that ultrasound knowing things were ok was huge.  That lady had us good and scared.  For nothing.  On the positive side we got a bonus 3D view of sprocket that we didn’t expect or ask for.  The ultrasound tech said sprocket was adorable and we are inclined to agree but we may be a bit biased.

So my new life, having started yesterday involves not going to work.  It is the most bizarre feeling.  I am slowly relinquishing that feeling of needing to control everything at school from home ( I have sent probably 30 emails over the past few days with multitudes of instructions for my poor subservients to follow).  It really helped last week that some of my students decided they would be complete a**holes, at which point I was asking myself do I really care so much right now?

Yesterday involved a trip to the supermarket where I READ LABELS.  I had time to wander up and down aisles instead of power walking on a mission to get the hell out of there asap because I had a million other things to do.  I still have some school work to get done including marking etc and some organisational type stuff to hand over to the poor buggar who’s replacing me but in general now I’m on my own time frame doing what I want, when I want.  SHOCKING.  Including trying to pay back a little something to my wonderful wife who has been burning the candle at both ends trying to make my life easier.

On Saturday we went to a birth support workshop run by our homebirth midwife which was good, but we were both so exhausted it was hard to stay awake and focussed.  Following that we made the 1 hour trip north to my neice’s 5th birthday dinner.  We were supposed to stay overnight with my parents, but minor drama ensued (won’t go into details) and we decided to come home again.  Cue 1 hour drive home again 8.30pm both incredibly exhausted.  Sunday morning I couldn’t sleep as I was still mad about the night before so I got up and went into work at 7.30am to clean up for my replacement and get some work done.  I ended up staying there until 3pm.  When I got home my lovely wife had checked off a million jobs on the list and the house was looking absolutely fabulous.  It’s about then the stress began to roll off, followed by the affirmation at the ultrasound yesterday we are feeling in a much better space.

Both of our mothers are out of hospital.  Tui’s mum is still quite miserable and will need some TLC for time to come.  It’s hard because she is so far away and we can’t visit right now.  We are hoping our sister in law might pay a visit.  My mum is doing fine in general just needs ongoing medication for now.

I had an appointment with Mrs CMM for my first round of “getting ready for birth” accupuncture.  It’s quite hilarious the disparity in what our key providers advocate for our birth – somewhere along the line we have to decide where we think we best fit.  Diabetes lady says induce @ 38 weeks (not listening to her anyway).  Midwife prefers labour to happen when it happens but is concerned about risk factors highlighted by our doc from the fertility clinic regarding IVF pregnancies, my BMI etc.  She seems to be settling more around careful monitoring and not too much time past the 40 week mark.  Mrs CMM thinks inducing at all before 42 weeks is really not good at all, but will do as we ask.  She wants me to just carry on until then.  We have decided to just go with the flow and take each day as it comes.  To be honest I have really been looking to some time off before baby arrives, so I would love to go to my due date but not too much over.  I do NOT want medical induction, no way no how.  I have been saying if it comes to that, then screw it just take me straight to a c-section.  Why put myself and baby through all that stress?  Noone I have talked to or read about had a positive experience being medically induced.  My sister had a horrendus experience and suffered with post natal depression for years afterwards.  No thank you very much. 

But it won’t come to that.  I will go into labour on time, I will cope, we will have our dream home birth and baby and I will both be healthy.  That’s what we deserve, please let that be what we get.

PS – Thinking of little Linus so much right now.  Healing vibes and prayers headed your way little guy.  We say “Kia Kaha” down our ways (Stay strong).

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5 Responses to Everything trucking along nicely …

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds like a very productive week!

  2. Skatey says:

    Yay girls! Sounds like things are moving along nicely, and you’re getting some positives out of all the negatives you’ve been having! I hope you both have some relaxation time before Sprocket arrives. We can’t wait to meet him (or her, but we’re sure he’s a boy!).

  3. I am happy to hear everything looked good at the US. We had a similar experience of being basically told we were going to kill our baby if we didn’t just follow along like good little lambs and do as they told us.

    In the end, we did have to accept medical intervention and augmentation of labor at 37w3d due too low fluid levels. I say augmentation instead of induction because S was having consistent contractions and started dilating/effacing on her own. While it wasn’t our ideal birth, in the end we got our happy healthy baby. I was also dead set against a medical induction because of the horror stories I have witnessed, thankfully that is not where we ended up.

    I would seriously speak to your MW and CMM about herbs or supplements you can start taking now to help prepare your body for labor. They won’t necessarily cause labor to start or do anything your body isn’t ready to do, but they can make any induction you may encounter go more smoothly if they have started the preparation already.

  4. GaybyRabies says:

    Usually I think those 3D scans look creepy, but your Sprocket is so cute! I hope you’re able to have the birth you want, or at least close to it. I suppose it never turns out exactly how we imagine.

  5. Pomegranate says:

    I have a good friend who was induced at 38 weeks due to diabetes (not gestational, she had it before) and her birth experience was pretty positive. She did have an epi which she loved and had some latching and supply-related breast-feeding issues for a few weeks, but she did not suffer from PPD and was already talking about her plans for her 2nd when Baby Girl was only a month old.

    Like you, I no-way-no-how want to be medically induced, but it isn’t ALWAYS awful. From what I’ve read, the most important thing is to administer the Pitocin slowly to mimic the rhythm of natural labor instead of doing the crazy-high and horribly painful dosing medical providers are used to.

    BTW, the Sprocket is absolutely beautiful. What a poser! 🙂

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