Yesterday we had the appointment with the diabetes clinic to discuss dietary management and for K to get her brand spanking new glucose monitor. It wasn’t the most fun of times, although there was a pop quiz of what category foods belong in which she was an A+ student in!

We got a bit of an outline of what diabetes is, but as one of the nurses had left recently or something like that, the dietician did the whole spiel (apparently the nurse would have done part of it). Most of it was fairly straightforward, basically because the due date is coming up fast she said K should stick rigidly to the diet whereas the others in the group with a lot longer to go seemed to be getting a little more leeway. We had to stay behind at the end because we were a little late getting there, and things got a whole lot more confusing then. The dietician positioned herself as a homebirth advocate, but borderline pushy that we should be having it at the hospital and would need to induce by 38 weeks which contradicted what the diabetes nurse had said to the midwife the day before that they wouldn’t want K going over 40 weeks. For reference, 38 weeks is oh.. only 10 days from now.. eek! She also didn’t seem to think that that time was enough to lessen the risks wheras the nurse had told our midwife that it could be. We love conflicting information, especially when we’re really struggling to make the right choice as it is.

K has been monitoring her bloods since then, although she’s been finding it really difficult to actually draw blood and is using a few needles each time even though she’s positioning it exactly where they said to on her finger – does anyone else have any experience of that happening? Last night it spiked a lot after dinner which was frustrating because we thought we’d done exactly the right food. Today though both the before and after readings have been in the normal ranges. She’s yet to do the after dinner test so finger’s crossed.

The midwife rang last night and K talked to her about some of it, stupidly I didn’t get the other phone and by the time they hung up K’s baby brain had forgotten half of it – no hard feelings baby, honest! :). She was going to ring and speak to the nurse again and tell her what we were told to try and make some sense out of it.

We’re having another growth scan on Monday to measure Sprocket’s growth and water levels so hopefully they’re all on track, that would be fantastic sign. Until then I guess we can’t do much more than wait.

It’s really been a crazy couple of days when I sit back and think about it, K’s been sick, I’m getting sick I think and to top it off both of our mothers are in hospital. My mother had an operation on Tuesday so has been in hospital since then. She’s 70 years old and never had an operation, anesthetic or stayed in hospital other than having her children before. She’s also a very anxious person with a couple of health issues already so she has been very worried about it. She came through the operation alright though although she had a bit of a setback today being on oxygen most of the day and almost needing a transfusion so not sure when she’ll be going home. I am feeling a little torn about whether I should be there, but I don’t want to leave K right now (which my mother was adament about last week anyway) and my sister in law will go down there if needed. K’s Mum was also sent to hospital yesterday to be put on IV antibiotics for a leg infection, it looks like she might be home tomorrow although it could be longer still. Luckily we get to visit her this weekend either way.

On the good side, K has her last day of work tomorrow (WOOOHOOOOO FINALLY!!!). Saturday we’re off to a birth support workshop all day that our midwife is running, then heading up to Auckland for the night for our niece’s 5th birthday dinner.

K has also started feeling some tightenings in the last few days which is a welcome sign that something is starting to happen even if ever so slightly – Sprocket can still stay put for a couple of weeks yet please, but we don’t want to have to go the induction route either.

We are sure that Puppy Tai knows more than we think, although she’s always loving she’s taken to wanting to really cuddle up to K all the time and likes to rest her head on K’s belly. She’s been kicked in the head we’re sure, but she never moves or worries about it:

I love you Sprockie, I can't wait til you're big enough to play with me


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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8 Responses to Confused

  1. wow, so much going on! i cant believe how close you are to meeting sprocket! it seems like you got your bfp yesterday!

    love the picture at the end! 🙂

  2. Oh my god that photo is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
    Sorry to hear about your mothers–I hope they both heal soon so they can be ready to hold their grandchild!

  3. strawberry says:

    I nearly died of cute when I saw that picture at the end. Reminds me of this old favorite of ours-

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with some stressful stuff at the end. Just think, in a couple weeks it’ll all be a very different kind of stress! 😉

  4. We got the same conflicting information regarding GD too. Why can’t they all talk to each other? seriously!?

    Hoping you are able to get some concrete answers soon. Have you asked your MW about taking some supplements to prepare K’s body for labor? Evening Primrose Oil can be very helpful in ripening the cervix so thing go more smoothly later…

  5. vee says:

    The look on that puppy’s face! Oh, too funny!

    I can’t believe you may only be 10 days away from Sprocket’s arrival! I hope the professionals get their story straight asap and you know one way or the other soon.

  6. GaybyRabies says:

    Hooray for adorable puppy pictures and the last day of work! Best of luck to the mothers for a speedy recovery.

  7. Pomegranate says:

    I hope your moms are both well in time for Sprocket’s happy and healthy arrival.

    My gray kitty is the one who likes to snuggle with the bunny. (I predict she’ll be in the crib as soon as he’s born.) She looks a lot like Tai.

  8. Olive says:

    Just catching up and I wanted to say that I LOVE that picture so much!

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