Bump in the road

Well it’s been a pretty shit day to be honest, K started feeling sinusy and uncomfortable on Saturday, leading to full blown nastiness Sunday night and ohmygodIcan’tgetoutofbedatall Monday morning. She’s also been getting a lot of reflux which has not been a nice combo at all!

She begrudgingly stayed home from work this morning (last week with her classes so really, really didn’t want to miss any) and went to see Mr CMM. She now has the ‘erbs which hopefully will kick in soon and make her feel a whole lot better..anytime now would be good.

Tonight was our 36week midwife appointment, and the midwife started with the good news that iron, uric acid etc was all good but sadly the glucose test..well not so much.

Yep we are now officially dealing with Gestational Diabetes. Both tests, the fasting and the 2 hour tolerance test, were over their limits this time round. The midwife had already phoned and spoken to the diabetes nurse who said that because we are at 36 weeks it is possible that we will be able to control it with diet rather than needing insulin, which is good news I guess, but it also brings up a whole lot of other issues.

From here we have a consultation with the pregnancy diabetes clinic, probably on Wednesday, where they will probably discuss diet changes and issue K with a glucose monitor. Then we go home with that for a couple of days and they talk to us again on Friday about how what’s happening. We’re hoping that because the scan we had at 33 weeks showed perfect size and really great waters that this is a good sign that things will be okay.

From there the standard protocol is that we would get referred to the hospital for obstetrics care and from there they no doubt will be pushing induction and other interventions that we really don’t want to go anywhere near. Probably as far as they’re concerned a home birth is ruled out, although they would say the same based just on K’s bmi so we want a little more that that to work with to make that decision. Our midwife thinks that there is still a good chance that this will progress positively and we could birth at home if that’s what we choose to do. One of the things that they will probably press as well is a 40 week induction, luckily K will be starting acupuncture very soon with Mrs CMM to start that process. Hopefully we can help baby along naturally so we can avoid a medical induction, but that does reiterate the fact that we more than likely will have a baby in our arms in 4 weeks or less.

So yeah, it was a bit of a shock to hear and poor K was already feeling incredibly rotten in the first place so it was upsetting as well. The three of us were talking very seriously about what it meant, K and I on the couch and the midwife sitting on the floor in front of us when the dog came in and did the most enormous power chuck I have ever seen in my life, right on the carpet. It was so gross!!! But I have to admit it did lighten the mood a little, even if I did have to be the one to clean it up!

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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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7 Responses to Bump in the road

  1. Pomegranate says:

    Sounds rough. Sorry. 😦

    Regarding the head cold and accompanying reflux, I had to eat a lot Tums the whole time I had my cold. When the cold went away, the reflux decreased substantially. I’m not sure how a cold causes reflux, but it seems that it does.

    As for the gestational diabetes, at least your midwife is optimistic about the outlook. Good luck with everything. I’ll be hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to see how your little one decides to make his/her entry into the world.

  2. Next in Line says:

    Keep your eye on the prize girls. As bumpy as this is, you are almost there 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that K’s not feeling so hot, and with the gestational diabetes to top it all off. But soon your little babe will be here and this will seem like a distant memory!

  4. veeandjay says:

    Pah re the GD. Hope K starts feeling better soon. Not long to wait now!

  5. c storm says:

    I am significantly overweight, actually quite obese. I had a very hard time during my pregnancy finding the stories of all the women who are very large and who had reasonable, safe, even totally natural births. I did find them, though, and I read them daily. There is no way to know, but I do want to say that I had a freight-train of a labor with no meds and a lovely outcome. I woke at 4:30 am with my water broken, had my first contraction at 8:00 and the baby arrived at 10:00 that morning, no tearing or stitches, and I took a few aspirin. By 11:15 we’d napped and were reading the paper and drinking coffee while we gazed at our gorgeous daughter asleep in our laps. I’m far from suggesting all births are like: I am wanting point out that it can happen, no matter what your size or shape.

    A funny thing about our daughter’s birth…we’d not done amnio due to miscarriage hx, but had done a ton of high-level ultrasounds at a special hospital. They were each very clear that we had a son and that he was almost certainly Down’s. We’d made our peace and were ready to love him. We had specialists on call, ready to treat him. I will never forget tuning in after baby’s shockingly fast birth to hear the midwife say, “She looks entirely healthy….!”

  6. poppycat says:

    Oh no! Sorry the road is a bit bumpy and I hope the next four weeks are smooth sailing.

  7. A. says:

    I’m thinking about you guys!!

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