Getting closer

I feel like I need to make more of a blogging effort in these next few weeks, to try and capture what we are thinking, feeling and doing as we get closer to meeting Sprockie.

The last week has just flown by, last weekend we had K’s parents come down so we could talk about some of the birth plan stuff with her Mum to make sure we’re all on the same page which was good. We took them out for lunch to our favourite Japanese restaurant (great excuse to go!) and had a pretty good afternoon with them. We had some fun spending some of our baby shower money and we’re now fairly well sorted and ready materially speaking. We’ve also got some money from selling our old crap online so we’ve got a bit of a stash to start off our nappy collection once we decide which system to go with – we’ve got a few different styles/brands to try first, then we’ll decide later down the track.

This week K has been away on school camp, so glad to get that out of the way and I missed her a lot more than usual (which is a lot anyway!), and I also missed being able to touch her belly and talk to Sprockie too. It seems like even in the three days she was gone her belly got bigger too. The night that she got home, the midwife came around to check her blood pressure just as a precaution, it was a little on the high side but nothing to worry about and that was probably from all the activity of the last few days and having to be ‘on’ all day and night for the kids rather than being able to come home and rest. This particular camp involved the kids being assessed at mountain biking and rock climbing skills which K is usually right there doing it with them, but this time she could only watch and video them. So to get to one particular part of the mountain bike track she had to climb up this nearly vertical goat track practically on her hands and knees. She said she got halfway up and cracked up laughing and when the kids asked what for she answered ‘what other 9 month pregnant woman would be crazy enough to do this shit’ lol.

But now K’s back home where she belongs and only has one more week of work left. We’re now less than a month from the due date too so it’s definitely getting more real. We’ve finally got a name that we both really like set aside, although we’re both of the opinion that we will wait and see if it fits when Sprockie is born before being definite, but it feels really good in the meantime. Especially considering the minor meltdown a few weeks back when I went through our list of 80 names and decided I didn’t really like any of them – oops! There was a joke there for a while that baby would be named Veto because that’s what we kept doing.

We’re starting to have fun with the fact that everyone is guessing the sex, well I am at least. Some people are so adament that they’re right, and my team have so been split down the middle in their guesses. We were talking names with another pregnant friend and although we’re not sharing our favourites, I did mention a couple we had briefly considered before vetoing, and all of a sudden they were yelling and screaming that I’d given the gender away. I kept quiet and left pretty quickly afterwards, so they think they’re all right but they’ll find out soon that they’re not hehe.

Last night K spoiled us and took us out to a nice restaurant for dinner, which aside form the noise from the band at the bar next door, was a lovely evening. Plus she got to have the steak she’s been craving lately too.

Right now it’s Saturday morning, and instead of a lazy morning K was off early to have another glucose tolerance test done. She’s had 2 done already, and although she passed them both she was only barely in the ‘normal’ range so the midwife suggested another one to make sure we’re not missing anything. I was supposed to go too but I had a migraine in the night so K graciously let me stay in bed to sleep in. Sadly for me (or a minor karma episode perhaps) the furry kids weren’t so gracious and I’ve had the dog barking at the neighbours pretending to be ferocious, dragged her back inside where she was harassed by the nasty cat so ran around the house barking, only to get herself a bit too wound up and throw up her breakfast. At which point I gave up trying to sleep and decided to blog instead!

*updated to add poll on the right*


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to Getting closer

  1. Next in line says:

    Can we have a poll and guess if sprocket is a girl or boy? I don’t know which one to vote for but it would be fun!

  2. Jen says:

    So exciting you guys are getting so close! Love reading your blogs! We haven’t started our journey YET*, but we’re getting close! Best wishes! ~ Jen

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