We had a fairly hectic, but also fairly fantastic last weekend starting with spending Saturday looking after our 12 year old nephew. Not that he takes much looking after, really it was playing wii and then taking him shopping to spend his birthday money. We also took him on a bit of a tiki tour while I finished off my gray photos.

Then Sunday was finally the day for our baby shower! I still can’t believe it’s been and gone, when we first set the date it seemed so far away but now we’ve been there, done that. K’s sisters did a fantastic job organising it, and we both had a great time. We were thoroughly spoiled by a lot of people, and are counting ourselves very lucky for those that we have in our lives. Our landlord even surprised us the day before by giving us a cheque for $100 – we were blown away by that! We got a lot of money and vouchers, which is great because we still have a few big items to buy, so today we started shopping with those too which is fun. After holding ourselves back from buying baby stuff for years, it’s a dream come true to be allowed to do it now lol

We didn’t end up getting any photos as the friend that was going to take them was stuck out of town but here’s one to show you just how spoiled we are:

Very lucky

While I’m at it – here’s a shot of the stroller/buggy that K’s parents bought for us a few weeks ago:

Hmmm.. we seem to be liking green lately...

My mother managed to bring me to tears when we were opening presents, you see before my Grandmother died she bought the material to make a quilt for each of her grandchildren’s families but did not ever make mine. Mum has had it all tucked away for 9 years and when she found out about Sprocket she dug it out and made it up. I knew it was coming, so did K, but when I unwrapped it and looked over to thank her she mouthed ‘it’s from Grandma’ which I wasn’t prepared for. It was very special.

Grandma's Quilt

Monday of course we were both shattered, wish we’d planned ahead and taken the day off! Although we did end up coming home early so I could go to the doctor, but by the time we actually got home it was the normal time anyway. We had another visit from our midwife  and it was great to see her and touch base after the last couple of weeks. Everything seemed to be going well, K’s blood pressure is back to where it should be despite a hard day at school. Her belly measurement was a little ahead (38wks) but as the scan last week showed baby right on for dates she wasn’t too worried about that. The rest of the week has just flown by, K is off on her last school camp next week for three days with high hopes that it’s going to be more restful than school has been. At least she should get a chance to avoid some of the daily school stress and politics for a few days. Then the midwife is going to come and check up on her blood pressure etc the night she gets home. I can’t believe we’re at the point of weekly or biweekly visits either – there is now only 5 and a bit weeks til due date and only 2 weeks until K finishes work (yay!!!).  It’s also only 2 and a bit weeks until we hit 37 weeks where it is considered safe to birth at home, and only about 2 weeks until K starts back with acupuncture. And now that it’s March, we can say that baby is due next month – Yikes!

While we are now certain of the gender, we’re still not telling people and now that it’s not long to go we’re relaxing into the grilling that we’re getting from everyone – it’s funny, we’ve got some people absolutely adamant that it’s a girl and others convinced it’s a boy so we even got gifted very gender specific clothes for both at the shower.

I’m sure that Sprockie is nowhere near coming, but I really hope that K gets to have a decent break after she finishes work before baby decides to come. She has been so exhausted lately, and as easy as it is for everyone to tell her to take it easy and ease up on work, there are some things that only she can do so we are counting down until she finishes for good. So a nice break of a couple of weeks before it comes would be spot on.

And finally, I was wondering if anyone would recognise the statue from my last post, it can be found tucked away in the main street of the city we live in and yes it is Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So, especially for Nutella who did recognise it, here’s a full shot:

The plaque reads: "It’s astounding! Where we stand is the birthplace of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.On this site stood The Embassy Theatre, the home of Hamilton's ‘Late Night Double Feature Picture Show’ and the barber shop where Richard O'Brien cut hair and daydreamed from 1959 to 1964. "


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4 Responses to Lucky

  1. Olive says:

    The shower sounds perfect – I couldn’t be happier for you. You have come so far and you deserve that celebration. The quilt is so sweet – I’m sure your babe will cherish it.

    So close!

  2. nutella says:

    Aww, what a wonderful sweet shower and the quilt story is amazing. Thanks for the full shot of the statue, I’m sure there’s many a parent that has had a good time explaining THAT to their kid, right?

  3. GaybyRabies says:

    What a lucky little Sprocket! The quilt story is so sweet, I would have been a weepy mess if I had gotten something like that at my shower. Have fun keeping people in the dark about the gender, it’s so great to have a big surprise to share when the sprocket makes his / her debut!

  4. Just catching up–the quilt story made me tear right up! What a nice load of goodies.

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