All’s well that end’s well

It’s been an eventful 24 hours over here in C-C land. That’s right – C-C land, we’ve been meaning to mention it in the last few posts but we have, nearly 6 years after our civil union,  finally agreed on what our last name should be. We’ve been back and forth on every combination but one thing we were sure of was that we wanted the three of us to have the same last name which meant time was running out to make a decision. We ended up decided on what was originally our least favourite option but once we started using it at work it actually feels right. Yay us (finally).

So yeah, back to the last 24 hours. K hasn’t been feeling too good again, yesterday and last night she had a headache, felt nauseated and particularly in the night had some chest pains too. Plus Sprocket wasn’t moving nearly as much as usual, she only felt it once last night when usually as soon as she lies down it’s party time in there. After a fairly sleepless night, including getting up to be sick, she text the back up-back up midwife at 8am this morning. Yep that’s right, part of what was holding us back from ringing was that the sub-par back up midwife is off duty this weekend and had given us the name and number of yet another mw we’d never met. As K still hadn’t felt Sprocket move this morning, she arranged to meet us at one of the birthing units so away we went.

After an attempt to do a 20 minute heart trace (the mw set it up and left me to hold it in position while she followed up on the blood test results and yep, sure enough as soon as she walks out of the room I lose my baby!), and a bit of calm down time, she took K’s blood pressure which was a much better 130/70. She talked to us a bit about pre-eclampsia symptoms and concerns, but said that she didn’t think that was what we were looking at as typically she would expect the bp to stay elevated, and the headache probably would have been worse and stayed rather than going away by itself. By now Sprockie had kicked a few times as well which was a good sign although still not nearly as much as normal. She gave us two options, first one sending us up the hospital right away for more tests or two waiting to see if it went away by itself or what happens both of which options she said she was happy with. We decided to go for the hospital option and get checked more rather than spend the next day or two worrying about it so she rang and spoke to the registrar who said the best thing to do would be to have a scan done at a clinic and for K to be referred for obstetric care at the hospital solely due to her bmi (read: hospital birth, interventions…uh no thanks!).

So off we went to the scan, where we saw Sprockie happily bopping away without a care in the world (we’ve since had words about the importance of checking in with a kick or three often so Mummy and Mama don’t get so worried). The mw tricked them into doing a growth scan too (they told her on the phone that they wouldn’t have time so she wrote it on the form anyway and sure enough we got one) and little Sprockie is tracking along in the perfectly average 51st percentile. Considering the two major risks for this pregancy are spoke to be IUGR/small baby and Gestation Diabetes/big baby this is great news! The tech was awesome (he was also male which was a first and a surprise) but he was gentle, fast and funny. We also have had the gender confirmed, but we’re still not telling :).

So yeah, all in all things are well, poor K is still feeling sick but at least we know baby is doing just fine. The other good thing to come out of it all is that we loved the back up-back up mw, she was really great – friendly, down to earth, supportive, confident and a sense of humour. Seeing a homebirths require 2 midwives to be present, we’re going to ask our mw if she can be the second one.

Plus we got this cute photo:


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6 Responses to All’s well that end’s well

  1. Great to hear everything is ok! Congrats on the name change, and also knowing the gender ~ that’s very cool. May Sprockie keep kicking often 🙂

  2. A. says:

    So glad everything is a-okay. Hang in there!

  3. Strawberry says:

    I’m glad everything is ok. It sucks to be feeling so ‘off’ like that.

  4. Pomegranate says:

    So glad to hear that things are smooth. Hopefully, Sprocket will comply with the movement request to avoid any future scares.

  5. poppycat says:

    Little stinker, scaring you like that 🙂 A very adorable little stinker though!

    Everything ok w/ you and yours after the quake?

  6. nutella says:

    hey, thinking of you and hoping you and yours are safe after the quake.

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