Good lord 8 weeks!

Holy crap people! 8 weeks to go!!  I’ve had cartons of milk in the fridge for longer than that – granted they should have been thrown out before then, but you get the general idea.

* I wouldn’t say we are panicking, but we seem to be caught in an infinitely accelerating universe with what appears to be more tasks to complete than time available, which is enhancing our stress factor

* Weather is still hot, humid and generally disgusting.  Ranges from 25 to 30 degrees C (77 – 86 F) and humidity around 70 up to 90%+.  May not sound that bad, but NZ heat is something else considering we sit right under the hole in the ozone (which we didn’t make, thank you very much!) which means that basically we are under extreme burn times e.g. around 12 mins.  Makes doing anything outside difficult.  Even more difficult as a PE teacher teaching athletics at 8 months pregnant in this lovely weather.  Yuck!  Please note also hot, humid weather makes ALOT of people grumpy.

* Next midwife appointment tomorrow

* Athletics Day this Wednesday.  All day out in the sun trying to control 40 staff and 330 kids, make sure all the events get run and noone gets killed by wayward javelins.  In the hot sun.  Did I mention this weather makes people grumpy? Staff generally worse than students.  YAY.

* We may have missed the boat on antenatal classes.  I’m not sure I’m worried.  Perhaps I’m delusional.  Our midwife has said that with the reading we have done and the fact that we are going to do this birth support workshop we should be ok.  It’s just been close to impossible to fit everything in, along with confusing not knowing if we should be doing homebirth classes or general  or something in between.  I rang today and our last choices are April 2nd and 9th.  I’m due on the 11th.  LOL!  Do we want to pay $80 for something we may not get to do if sprocket decides to make an early entrance?  Considering I’m being induced from week 37 via accupuncture I’m thinking it’s likely to happen.  My sister is a child birth educator so I’m thinking we’ll just pick her brains and see if we’ve missed anything important.

* Hypnotherapy still going well.  He offered to come at the start of the birth for no charge to help get me in the right frame of mind.  We most definately will take him up on this offer.  I know alot of people prepare for hypnotherapy and say it all goes out the window at the time, I’m still thinking positive and hoping his input at the start of the process will only help things along.

* Things left to do – baby room, nothing, this is complete!  Yay us.  Tui hurry up and post pics already will you?  Nappy workshop this friday, pick up stroller this weekend, nephews birthday this weekend, “Talk” with mother this weekend (she wants to make sure we’re all on the same page at the birth, good idea), next weekend baby sitting nephew (not much hard work he’s 12 and a really cool kid), baby shower next Sunday (so excited, looks like we having a good turn out), work baby shower to fit in somewhere along the line as the idea to combine all showers didn’t work out (96 people on the list, yikes!), 3 day school camp to plan and run, involving mountain biking and bouldering (no I won’t be biking), another school trip to fit in somewhere there, classes to prepare for while I am on leave, birth support workshop March 19th followed by neices b’day party same day, which involves travelling an hour north to my home town, long day that one, garage needs cleaning out and various jobs around the house need doing ……… as well as this still to fit in fortnightly midwife visits, hypnotherapy appointments, oh and I have a netball team to coach, plus Tui has all her work stuff to get done and HOLY CRAP there’s so much to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still have baby books to read people!

* 56 days to go! (now trying to remember relaxation techniques as per hypnotherapist)

* Other than FREAKING out I have generally still been well.  Just starting to have swelling issues in the feet as in my feet look like grotesque balloon animals and even after resting as much as possible this weekend not much has changed.  Have felt like I was getting a cold all weekend and not feeling the best this morning after little sleep during the night so I took the day off work.

* Aside from that it’s Valentines day and while we don’t really do anything about this commerical holiday, I would like to say to my darling wife how very much I love you honey, and I appreciate all the extra stuff you are doing right now for me and baby.  I can’t imagine my life with anyone but you.  You are everything to me.   I love you baby.

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5 Responses to Good lord 8 weeks!

  1. Jdz says:

    You’re planning all of that in your last 8 weeks? I’m impressed. (;
    I wouldn’t worry much about not attending prenatal classes. We didn’t learn anything new
    and I found sitting through our 2 day intensive excruciating (bored, tired, and sore from sitting). In retrospect I would have been better off watching “the business of being born”.

  2. A. says:

    What an exciting time! Try and stay cool in that crazy heat. 🙂

  3. whoa, i cant believe there are only 8 weeks left! that is wild! 😉

  4. Pomegranate says:

    Damn. Reading that post made me tired!

  5. Olive says:

    8 weeks?! That’s insane. And very, very exciting!

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