We had a fabulous holiday last week, starting with the weekend with my family which for once was just enjoyable with no dramas (save the lack of sleep – it’s a grand old ski resort which was used as a mental hospital during WWII so all the ghost stories were flying, didn’t help that my niece can sense and see them!). We also had a great time afterwards staying with our fabulous friends (who we still think should move back up here, just by the way) and spent some long overdue time with BD as well.

It was a great time away and we actually managed to relax – I wasn’t sure we remembered how but it was blissful!

On Thursday we had another scan, once again Sprockie did not want to co-operate and spent most of the time with it’s back turned, then rolled over onto it’s belly and lay face down for a while. Heartbeat was a healthy 139bpm and the game of the day was Sprocket wiggling it’s thumb at us, while trying it’s best not to let us peek between the legs. But they did get all the measurements reasonably easily this time and everything is looking a-ok.

Then later on that day K had an appointment with the hospital physio and got lots of good excercise ideas for her back pain as well as a belly belt which should help too. I took the opportunity to nearly pass out and had to take over the bed in the room which was embarassing. But it was about then we realised that I was really not well after all, yay just what you want when you’re on holiday. So the last few days I’ve been chugging back two different antibiotics while K has been doing a wonderful job as nurse – she’s going to be such a great Mum! Today I’ve been feeling something remotely related to normal just in time to go back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness it’s only this week and then another 10 day break, that one we’re really going to make the most of.

Tomorrow we have our next MW appointment, which is going to be a biggie after the OB appointment. We are thoroughly confused about what to do, whether to attempt a home birth or not. Hopefully tomorrow will help us sort that out although I think we’ve got a long way to go yet. We’re still having a little trouble with the realisation that there is a real life baby in there although we’ve seen and felt the proof. It’s crazy that it’s coming up on Christmas now and it’s only a few months to go now, we’re more than halfway and that is a little bit freaky!

About the clearest picture we’ve had – back turned, hands up by head:

This one has Sprocket lying face down, you can see the curve of the spine and  the head at the right. It reminds me of Shroeder from Peanuts – always hunched over the baby grand!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to Relax…check!

  1. Strawberry says:

    Beautiful! Hooray! Definitely relax…enjoy the second tri 🙂

  2. poppycat says:

    Sorry you are sick but you sure do have a lovely little Sprocket in there!

  3. tiff says:

    gorgeous sprocket!

    ps. DO a homebirth……it is so amazing. Message me if you want more info….I could go on and on why it should be the ONLY way to birth…….

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