To scan or not to scan

Today we had our 20 week scan, and true to form Sprocket did not want to put on a good show. The tech managed to get some of the measurements, all of which are looking good, but there were also a few that she couldn’t get including kidney, cerebellum and most of the heart checks. And there wasn’t a hope at all of finding out the gender sadly. It was a bit disappointing in all, the grumpy tech huffed and sighed most of the way through until the dr came in to check on things at the end and then she pretended to be happy and friendly. There were a few times I was convinced there was something wrong  with her frowning and carrying on but it was just her frustration I guess. We got a cd with some pictures but none of them are that great. They want us to go back in another 2-3 weeks to finish the scan but we had been hoping to minimize the number of scans etc we have – so far we’ve had four already so we’re not going too well on that. The midwife tried again with the doppler last week but all she could pick up was the glugluglug sound of Sprocket moving away from the monitor!

Last week’s midwife appointment was good, she was here for an hour and a half again and we spent a lot of time talking about the stress that is going on at the moment. K had come home from school early that day having had an exceptionally bad day but yet her blood pressure was still normal which was great news – if it was going to be high, that would have been the day! Protein etc was normal too, everything seems to be measuring on track but like we said, still having trouble picking up the heartbeat. The scan today showed it nice and strong at 169bpm so  there’s nothing to worry about, it just doesn’t seem to like being bugged! We’re undecided on whether or not to back for the next scan, we still want to find out the gender and if there is something wrong, or likely to be, we want some time before the birth to start to deal with it but who knows.. if we do go back it might still not give us any more info.

After the scan today we had to rush back across town to pick up our dog and take her to the vet as she has what looked to us like a cut on the bottom of one of her paws. It seems to be an irritated abrasion of sorts and so she’s back home on antibiotics, steroids and a antiseptic wash but isn’t allowed to excercise for the next week. So off K goes to another school camp on Wednesday and I get to stay home with a highly energetic, hugely frustrated dog to keep me company – yay – she doesn’t seem to get that she should be on bedrest and thinks that Mum is just being mean and lazy for not taking her out!

In good news this week, K made herself an appointment to see a hypnotherapist that Mrs CMM recommended for last Thursday. I went along expecting to wait in the car to drive her home but ended up being asked in as well. So we both got a hypnotherapy session which did absolute wonders for both of our stress levels. He is going to keep doing it with both of us for the price of one, reasoning that we’re more likely to make each other do it than if there was just the one of us, plus he gave K nearly a 40% discount because we were referred through Mrs CMM – awesome deal!

We are very much counting down the days until school holidays start, about a week and a half to go for K but some of that is away at camp. And it’s less than two weeks now until we get to go on a big almost week-long holiday visiting with family then friends and BD that we’re very much hanging out for. It will be the first time we’ve seen him since..well a very long time actually, but since the pregnancy anyway. He has been getting a lot more curious and asking questions which is cool so it will be good to spend some time with him in person.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to To scan or not to scan

  1. A. says:

    Sorry that you couldn’t get the peek you were hoping for, but glad all is well!

  2. congrats on a great (if incomplete) scan! you have more patience than i would – i’d be signing up for scan #2 in a skinny minute! 😉

  3. poppycat says:

    Happy news!

    I’m with S on that, I’d be in there so fast for that second scan. I could never get enough reassurance and I just loved seeing them and watching them grow. It’s true, I was a scan whore!

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