Hello second trimester …

… I hope you are as kind to me as first trimester was.  Every time someone asks me how I’m doing I always reply “I can’t complain, I’ve been really lucky” and I have.  I am yet to throw up.  Sure I have had the queasiness but it mostly was mild and nothing like you poor other TTC people have described.  Mostly it just caused me to lose my appetite.   I have needed to avoid situations involving feeding animals and vomiting animals but I’m not so good with that at the best of times.  I have had a few cravings but nothing excessive really and some aversions but mostly I have just been trucking along.  I have been more tired than usual but still I think really I have gotten off lightly.  So much so that I often doubt if there is actually really anything going on in there.  Due to my voluptuous starting point, it has been difficult to discern whether there is actually any change physically but I think I’m starting to see more of a bump.  People ask me “How’s baby?”, and I always feel slightly retarded when I say, “Ok, as far as I know”.  I don’t really have much feedback due to no scans etc so I can only assume everything is ok.

We have a midwife appointment next week which will be good because hopefully we will get re-affirmation things are all A-OK in there.  We have opted for low intervention methods etc so she will be using an ear trumpet to detect the heartbeat which means less excitement on our part by not being able to hear it (well Tui might get to) but better for baby, depending on what research you believe.  We will be having the 20 week ultrasound which I am in two minds about but I think it’s important to prepare ourselves if there is anything wrong.

Life has been busy; work is crazy and stressful and I wish I could win the lottery so I could quit.  I always said if I did win I would still work but now I’m thinking how awesome it would be to walk in and tell the boss to stick his job.  I have just got back from a camp which was really good, the kids were good etc I just got really tired and missed being home.  I feel my priorities are starting to shift now and maybe the needs of all these kids that aren’t mine really shouldn’t come first all the time.  The plus side was because I wasn’t mountain biking due to baby (offroad trails and I don’t mix well at the best of times e.g last year on the same camp I went over a drop/cliff/embankment and did a full somersault on my bike) so I got to drive a 4 wheeler motor bike to a point where I could walk and watch my students for assessment purposes.  Totally cool.  I felt like a real bad ass farmer chick.

We have decided on the spur of the moment to go away tomorrow to a beachside town for our long weekend (well at least one night of it).  This time last year we went there to mourn as we had just received the devastating news of our failed attempt at our first IVF cycle.  It will be so good to go back with baby on board and in a much better place mentally.  We spent today at a sculpture arboretum we have been meaning to visit for some time – it was really worthwhile, very peaceful and something different to do.  Tui will no doubt follow up with a photo post in the next few days hint hint.

My sister and brother in law got baptised last weekend.  The whole experience brought up alot of feelings about my personal spirituality and inability at present to feel comfortable going to church, mixed in with a bit of drama from mother dearest who really is being a complete giant pain in the ass right now.  But I will save that for another post because I’m still working through some issues, and it’s a bit late in the evening for delving into all that.  Photos to follow of weekend away – hope you are all doing great people, we are reading, just suck at commenting.

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3 Responses to Hello second trimester …

  1. A says:

    It sounds like all is well! Great job so far!

  2. So glad your first trimester was smooth sailing. Here’s hoping the second treats you equally as well! Have a blast on your vacation–how lovely to revisit a place you love in a much better place than last time. xo

  3. Pomegranate says:

    sound absolutely perfect!

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