Checking In

Mostly bullets:

  • The day after the last blog post we got a lovely card from the nurses at the clinic saying congratulations and wishing us luck on our ‘journey’.
  • Yesterday we got a letter from our Dr congratulating us and also mentioning that we may need some level of specialist care through the pregnancy. First we’ve heard of that and we have a call in to find out more.
  • I am getting used to everyone I see and talk to asking me how K is. The first few days/week of this it took my brain a minute to catch up each time- I’m not just meaning our friends and family asking but random work colleagues who’ve never met her lol It is nice though.
  • The dog is learning that she can’t jump up on K’s belly without both of us jumping up and yelling.
  • We are learning that when the cat is throwing up, K’s instinct to jump up and help him is actually not a good one when you have morning sickness.
  • We are learning that although preggo super nose does in fact exist. I made several of my team, and my boss, smell me when I got to work yesterday because K had me convinced that I stunk of garlic. I was so paranoid because I’d done everything I could to get rid of it and was interviewing for new staff which would have been a really great advertisement for the job!
  • We are interviewing midwives, we had one on Monday, one later this morning and two more to schedule.
  • We are considering a home birth, although a lot of factors will come into whether that’s an option or not and we are still educating ourselves.
  • One of K’s friends had an 11+lb baby last week – cue minor freak out!
  • We’ve had the commonly blogged (by others) symptom free days which were pretty scary, and the start of last week K was wishing for blood tests just to check in. Luckily she had acupuncture already scheduled and Mrs CMM was very happy with how things were looking which is just what we needed.
  • There have been no bleeds since the scan.
  • A few weeks ago, Mr CMM showed K where to feel for the slippery pulse (an indicator of pregnancy in tcm). It is very cool because it is a tangible link to Sprocket, although that said I have no idea if what I’m feeling is actually right or not – but in my mind it is and it is awesome.
  • We now have the cot and rest of the clothes etc from K’s sister in our house. We’ve bought a change table that we love second hand online and we’re going on a road trip today to pick it up. We’ve had many baby related things in our home for years but now it is for a REAL PURPOSE!
  • We are working out that we actually don’t have all that much to purchase, big item wise. This is great and makes us feel very lucky. We do however have a heck of a lot of clothes to sort through at some stage (boys vs girls, ranging from newborn right through to 3/4). But yes, very lucky.
  • Again on the lucky, although we are only renting, our landlord loves us and so we get to redo the spare room into a nursery space so we’ve been spending plenty of time planning/dreaming about this.
  • Today we both have the day off work, granted it’s filled with protests (K), acupuncture, midwives and 2 hour road trip but it’s not work!
  • This weekend we are going out of town to spend the weekend with some of my family which should be great. It’s a last minute decision for us to go which makes it kind of exciting.
  • Our families are both very excited and happy for us, my family is involved more than I hoped (more on this another day, it’s a post on it’s own).
  • There is only one and a half weeks for K before school holidays, I have am taking a four day weekend as well so there’s more relaxation to come soon.

For the most part the symptoms have been manageable, K has been really exhausted and feeling pretty sick/no appetite but not actually throwing up or anything. She can’t deal with smells at all, but things could definitely be a lot worse. Here’s hoping that it’s the worst of it now. It’s officially 9 weeks, 10 if you count by the ivf dates. I’m confused as to which ones we use to be honest, we’re using the scan dates but I can’t help but feel like we’re ripping ourselves off. As if 1 week makes all the difference anyway! From today she can start tapering off the progesterone which is great news. And on that note can I say how glad we are that she hasn’t had to do this by injection like some of you? Wow, that was a whole bunch of needles tbean! Bravo, we don’t know how you did it for so long.

I have to admit, that way back in beta hell, when K wasn’t convinced the clinic was right, I wasn’t quite there. I was more moving into protection mode and there was no way I wanted to get my hopes up, not did I want K to get hers up. On this, possibly our last ivf round, there was just too much at stake. I really thought we would just be setting ourselves up for a fall. I kept quiet about it though as K was still holding on to that hope that somehow this would be that unlikely miracle turnaround. But I just couldn’t do it. So I have to thank K for being strong enough to hang on. Eventually her hope was infectious, even though I tried to fight it and now I can thank her for that. We’ve talked about how part of us is resentful that we had the first few weeks like that, that we couldn’t just enjoy the excitement right from the start, it had to be tempered with worry, sadness and at times grief. But at the same time the suprise and love and excitement that overwhelmed us at the second scan when we finally saw the heartbeat was something in itself. We knew how much we wanted this baby, but getting there this way proved it a million times over. And I really do believe that K’s belief, hope and love had a big part to play in that.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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7 Responses to Checking In

  1. Olive says:

    Sounds like things are going wonderfully – hooray! I hope you’ll post nursery pics when you finish redoing the room.

    I’m so happy that you two are here right now – warms my heart.

  2. strawberry says:

    Just so happy to read these updates, and that this is happening for you gals. Hope the second tri brings symptom relief and even more joy!

  3. Meredith says:

    I’m so so happy things are going well for you all. Being able to go through all the accumulated baby stuff must be thrilling!

  4. poppycat says:

    Amazing update! I’m thrilled for you and so happy things are going so well. xoxo

  5. Pomegranate says:

    i’m so glad things are going smoothly after that bumpy start with the beta hell.

  6. This has been an amazing miracle to watch. I’ve never seen someone hope an initially low beta into a successful pregnancy, and yet you have. It’s wonderful. Wonderful wonderful.

  7. holy crap – i’m late!! i really need to stay on top of it!!! i saw the ticker on the right and FLIPPED OUT!!! so happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can.not.wait to follow this journey with you all. many many congrats and lots of love from us!!! xo

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