So now the world knows … and we have a ticker!!

Beta results today – 26162, which is great and right on track!  So much so that the clinic have now cancelled my remaining 3 blood tests (YAY!) which I was going to have to do every Monday for the next 3 weeks.  AAAND they are going to graduate us maybe this week because we decided against the clinic’s 8 week scan considering we have already had 2 in the past 2 weeks.  So we are officially looking for a midwife!! OMG I feel like such an imposter! And the audacity we have to put a ticker on our page (albeit incredibly badly placed and very frustrating for Tui who thinks she now has to design the blog so it will sit right), but look, a ticker, on our page!! This is like some kind of wonderful dream and it’s just so hard to accept that it’s real.  BTW baby will now officially be referred to as “sprocket”.

We have both told pretty much everyone now – we told our respective workmates and announced it on facebook.  We have had nothing but happiness and congratulations and so many hugs and happy tears … all I can say is we are truly blessed we live with people who accept and love us for who we are.  It was an emotional experience telling people – I like to appear staunch much of the time, I mock Tui for crying at sad movies etc.  When I went to announce in staff meeting our pregnancy I just couldn’t stop myself from crying.  I only got about two words out.  What I did say was ” I would like to thank everyone who has supported Tui and I over the past 3 years while we have tried to become pregnant.  Yesterday I saw my baby’s heartbeat”  At this point everyone started cheering and clapping and it was so affirming!  Everyone has been so nice since too, asking how I’m feeling etc.  I didn’t know how much free unsolicited advice I would get!

So far I have been let off lightly.  The tiredness is starting to creep in, and I am finding myself really exhausted in the evening, I am starting to nap a bit when I get home.  I feel sick most of the day, but it’s only mild.  Smells make it worse rather than certain foods.  I can eat, but just don’t feel like eating.  Mostly I have no appetite until I actually start eating.   Last night was the closest I have been to throwing up, as yet I haven’t (touch wood).  Other than that I am doing pretty good, and I hope it stays this way!!

We went looking for decorating ideas for baby’s room this weekend which was fun.  We are renting right now but have a great landlord who doesn’t mind if we re-wallpaper the room.  I think we will stick with plain coloured wallpaper and use decals on the wall rather than get patterned wallpaper so that when we move to our own place (hopefully not too many years away) our landlord won’t be stuck with a “baby” room that might put some people off renting.

Everything is great but just still so unreal – when does it sink in?  Those of you who had bad sickness, was it already happening at this stage of your pregnancy (nearly 7 weeks?)

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9 Responses to So now the world knows … and we have a ticker!!

  1. aw, i got teary reading about your announcement to your co-workers! what a wonderful moment!

    im so happy for you two! i wish you nothing but joy from here on out. xo

  2. ps. the ticker is beautiful. lilypie makes two different sized ones, you can chose the “mini ticker” instead of the full sized one, if you dont want to redesign the whole blog 😉

  3. Love it. Love it ALL. So so happy for you!

  4. Next in Line says:

    This is just the best ever. I am loving every minute of this.

  5. Next in Line says:

    ps This is just the beginning of advice. Even more comes when you have the baby! I have never gotten so much advice in my whole life. The best advice I got is just to smile and nod when people tell you what to do.

  6. marianne says:

    How amazing, so happy for you!

  7. tbean says:

    Congrats on the telling widely (still haven’t been brave enough to do that yet) and the ticker! As for the becoming real…I’m not there yet either, but I’m heard feeling movement does help with that. (Doesn’t that seem like forever from now?) And for the ick? My first puking was at the very early date of 6 weeks, 1 day. So yeah, it’s definitely not too early. Hope it won’t be too bad for you.

  8. liz and andrea says:

    week 8 was when it really set in. glad things are going so well!

  9. poppycat says:

    I’m so thrilled to read these posts from you – these PREGNANCY posts!!! It makes me feelm like things are a little more right in this world knowing your little sprocket is on the way.

    Nothing sunk in for me until the end of the first tri and I never was really sick, just queasy all the time. Hope you get off that easy too.

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