The most beautiful sight …

… is a flicker of light beating away at 122bpm!!!  Yes people our little bubba, measuring in at 6 weeks, had a lovely strong heartbeat that they picked up right away.

We are over the moon!! I think it will still take a long time for us to get our head around things, but it suddenly all became so much more real.  TAKE THAT all those negative “There’s no chance this will work” people!! HA HA HA!!!

We had great pleasure going straight from the scan to the clinic to tell our favourite nurse our good news.  Following that we happened upon our counsellor and next favourite nurse in reception, it just felt so good to tell them.

We bought our first peice of baby clothing for THIS baby.  We have picked up things over the years for future baby, but this is tangible, this is something for our baby, right now, that has a strong heart beat beating away in my womb.

We have decided to tell everyone tomorrow now.  Different groups of people know, because they have had to due to how things have happened and it’s gotten messy.  While there is still a risk, we just don’t care anymore and want to just tell people and have that happy reaction, rather than the guarded ones we have been getting.  For me personally if things were to go wrong (which they won’t), it’s not an embarrassment or something I did wrong that caused it.  And I would rather have people be understanding at that time than wonder what my fucking problem is.  So yeah, tomorrow, everyone will know!  We are ready to claim this baby as a reality instead of a possibility!

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15 Responses to The most beautiful sight …

  1. meg says:

    so so so over the moon for you ladies!!! couldn’t stop smiling when stace told me today at work 🙂 enjoy every minute. xoxo

  2. vee says:

    Just so thrilled for you both! Brilliant!

  3. A. says:

    This is the most incredible news!!! You’ve made my day. 🙂

  4. yay! yay yay yay!!!!! i am SO happy to read this post! “take that!” negative nellies, indeed! you are now the poster child (blog?) for anyone with a slow-to-start beta. wow. just wow. congrats mamas!!!!!

  5. tbean says:

    Simply awestruck over here! Enjoy the telling–it is a very fun part!

  6. Olive says:

    Absolutely beautiful, ladies. Go, tell the world!

  7. Hooooorrrrrraaaaaayyyyyy! So thrilled for you three. Three!

  8. Heidi says:

    YAYAYAY!!!! I’m so excited!!

  9. Next in Line says:

    Yippeedoodles! Yes and yes to a beautiful heartbeat. You have done it ladies. You are pregnant. What a beautiful day.

  10. ssuinsights says:

    There is nothing quite like seeing that beautiful little flicker. I am so excited for you!

  11. poppycat says:

    Just catching up and the little bean growing inside you makes me cry with joy. I’m so happy to hear you are claiming this baby for yourself. When you wait for so long and suffer such disappointment it is hard to have faith things will turn out ok but this is your time so cherish it!

    So happy for you!!!

  12. Geek says:

    Have you stopped holding your breath yet? Believing that it’s real?
    Hopefully being able to tell everyone will make it seem even more real.

  13. Mama bea says:

    Woo HOO!!!! This is so beyond awesome

  14. Roccie says:

    Law, I love stories like yours!!


  15. Suze says:

    I am way behind on reading and commenting, but I’m finally catching up — CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such terrific news 🙂

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