I don’t care what you say ….

Soooooooooooooooo ……….. nurses keep telling us how there is pretty much no h0pe this is going to be a viable pregnancy.  After getting our news of our beta number I think we were just more confused than ever.  Keep taking progesterone.  It could be ectopic.  It’s likely you are going to miscarry. Bla bla bla negative negative. 

I know all this.  I know its unlikely, but there is still SOME chance, some slight chance this could still work.  My 3rd beta result is still within the range of 18 – 7000+.  Our doubling time was 2.2 days between 2nd and 3rd beta.  So there.  Maybe I’m delusional but I it ain’t over til the fat lady sings.  And while the big “negative” bitch is warming up her voice, she’s not on stage yet ……

We at least got to clarify by ringing back that a) yes there is a very small chance it’s still a viable pregnancy hence why I still have to take progesterone b) if it’s ectopic they won’t be able to see anything until 6 weeks, which is next Monday c) yes I can have bloods done Monday instead of Tuesday and they will make a decision from there.

I’m praying for a beta that shoots up to 1000+ and proves everyone wrong.  I guess that’s why I haven’t had a meltdown yet, cos part of me still sees the possibility of our baby nestled in there.

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8 Responses to I don’t care what you say ….

  1. liz and andrea says:

    keep thinking positive, send that baby good vibes…there is nothing wrong with that. we are sending some strong baby ju ju your way and hoping and praying for good outcomes!

  2. ive seen several stories of sluggish or low betas coming through in the end and resulting in a healthy pregnancy, so i will be holding out hope with you (())

  3. strawberry says:

    So so so so hoping for you.

  4. Geek says:

    Fingered crossed for you.

  5. Bree says:

    Hoping for good fourth beta numbers for you. Imagine stunning the heck out of everyone… then do it.

    Much ❤

  6. mingomama says:

    My theory lately is that no matter how negative you are, if the result is negative, you still weren’t prepared for the pain, so why not just be positive! I also run by the theory that every baby deserves to be celebrated. This is huge! You got pregnant! There is a baby in you right now, trying to grow big and strong!! Fight little one Fight!!!

  7. Next in Line says:

    Come on little bean! You have a whole team cheering for you. All my best and I am also holding onto hope for you.

  8. tbean says:

    Hoping along with you! If you google, there are all kinds of crazy miracle beta stories out there, why can’t you be the next one?

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