You all rock!

It was such a buzz coming home from dinner on Monday night and finally, after all this time, having a hpt come up positive. It still seems a bit out of it that the photo really does belong to us, and goodness knows I’ve spent plenty of time staring at it the last couple of days!

But back to the subject, you guys really do rock.. thank you so much for your support and comments. We’re hanging out for Friday and we know that the news may not be so great then, but we’re still choosing to be happy and excited right now. Because our families know that we’ve been doing the ivf, and when, we have told them what’s going on as well. They are.. cautiously excited I think is the best term. They are happy for us but also quite concerned about what will happen on Friday if it’s bad news and worried with how we’ll cope so they’re not so into the all out celebrating right now. Which we can understand. But you know what? We’ve never ever got to experience this before, and if there’s bad news on Friday it’s possible we won’t get the chance again, so we’re damn well making the most of it. 

The flip side of that is there were a few people irl that we had to tell (to cover work at short notice etcetc), I had emailed those of my friends/colleagues that knew on Monday morning just saying it didn’t work, don’t want to talk about it. Well they respected that for two days but today I started getting sympathy and commiseration from a couple – can you say awkward? I’m not telling them anything yet, but I did have to tell one friend what was happening because I went from devastated to happy and upbeat again in less than 24 hours and he was seriously worried about me until I explained lol think he thought I’d really lost my mind!

So, in contrast, it’s been really great to get all your comments and emails and bask in the excitement that you are all sharing – so thank you for that. We’re loving this little glimpse at what it’s like to have a pregnancy in the house and trying not to think about the possibilities.

Of course it’s only Wednesday and K has been busy at a conference while I have been busy starting my new job, so I have no doubt at all that Friday is going to be horrible while we wait for the phone call.

But for now, we’re pupo.. but so much more than ever before 🙂


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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4 Responses to You all rock!

  1. Olive says:

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying these early days of pregnancy. It’s true that you never know what might come next, all you know is what you have right now so you have to make the most of right now. I’m so happy for you two – so, so happy – and I’m crossing my fingers for the best news on Friday.

  2. tbean says:

    Wonderful to hear. Much like our first 24 hours post positive. Embrace what you can!

  3. Next in Line says:

    You know I will be blog stalking you starting Thursday night, right? I love that Friday comes sooner for me here in Canada. I feel like I don’t have to wait as long 🙂 I am so happy that the initial pee stick lied and now you have a fancy digital that tells the truth PUPO! xoxoxox

  4. I’m with Next in Line… I love getting Friday a whole day early. I’ve been thinking about you two all week, and hope that Friday brings you happy news.

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