Ultimately a great day! **updated with photos**

This morning started off pretty well, we were out of the house pretty damn early for a Saturday morning, but had to be at acupuncture at 8am. Mr and Mrs CMM have their practise in the downstairs of their home so luckily she was happy to make the early morning appointment. We love them. Actually she was having a lingerie party later today and was still happy to take time out from that if that was when the transfer was – even invited us to come along too lol. I decided to wait in the car because the waiting room seats aren’t that comfy, and I was debating whether or not I’d have time to grab some breakfast on the way because I hadn’t got up early enough to get some and my stomach was growling hard out! Literally just then, the door opens and Mrs CMM brings out this steaming bowl of a chinese breakfast meal they were having, made with lots of chickpeas and legumes etc for me – I know they take a lot of care of K and always giving us ideas for vegan recipes etc but I was blown away by that to be honest – it was yummy too! Did I mention we love them yet?

K wasn’t feeling too anxious which was good, I think a combination of knowing that our Dr was there, the sedation was there and the pre and post acupuncture appts was the key. That and the fact that like she mentioned, on Thursday night she actually managed to relax for the first time in forever!

The nurse was a little stressed when we got there, they hadn’t given us instruction to have a full bladder so she had to skull about 8 glasses of water right off (our dr – who is also the medical director/head honcho – was not impressed and is now making them do up a written instruction sheet for transfers like they have for the collection rather than relying on verbal messages. Yay for more improvements!).

The embryologist came in and talked to us – same guy that we spoke to on the phone earlier in the week but thankfully a lot nicer in person – and said that there was one early blast that looked good, and three more that were just the stage behind but still developing. We had put on the consent form that we wanted to consider transferring two which they would do, but definitely they prefer only one. He said that there was a good chance that one, maybe two may be freezable (!!!!!), not like last time when they didn’t have much hope for any of them. So we were left to talk about that which the relaxant tablets they gave K kicked in. Unfortunately those tablets made it difficult to talk about something so serious because she kept zoning out haha. In the end, when our doc came in we talked to him and he has some concerns about a successful multiple pregnancy with all the scarring caused by the endo so really was recommending just the one.  While we would love to have twins, we’re also a lot concerned about the higher chance of K having to finish work early when she is by far the biggest breadwinner. So that combined with the fact that there is a good chance we might get one frozen( (!!!!!) made us stick with one this time.  We figure as well, and asked their thoughts, that if we don’t get any that are freezable.. well they wouldn’t have been winners on the inside either so we’re not really losing much. Hard call to make though!

So yeah, we finally got through to the theatre and Doc wanted to try a dry run of getting the catheter etc in place before using the clip and before giving any further sedation to see if we could possibly do it without. He promised that he wouldn’t do anything else that would possibly be painful without putting in the iv and the drugs which was fine by K. Unfortunately that dry run wasn’t that straight forward, there was a hump in her cervix that he couldn’t get past so he ended up doing the iv and drugs after all. As he said he didn’t expect it to be a cakewalk but didn’t expect it to be this difficult either – a lot different to the trial transfer. He still had a lot of trouble getting it in, and ended up having to use an instrument to break through the os, but once he did that it was simple. K had a bit of pain but the drugs definitely helped and she was such a rock star! Afterwards Doc was saying that although K has definitely been one of his most challenging cases, he has a few times had to insert a needle through the cervix wall and literally inject the emrybo in – thank fucking goodness we didn’t get to that point!! He also said that there is a dr in Japan that does that routinely, doesn’t try anything else – just stabs and injects – with no pain relief whatsoever, but gets fantastic results. Can you imagine??

It was fantastic having our Doc there, he is definitely the best in the business round here and we have such a great trusting relationship with him that even though things weren’t going well we were still emotionally in check because of that trust. He also took the time to explain every little thing on the ultrasound monitor both before, during and after. He showed us the lining etc and measured it when we asked – 13mm which he was really happy with, we’ve never had it measured before so don’t really know much about that but he said they look for at least 6. He stopped before he actually pushed the plunger and made sure that we were looking at exactly the right place and seeing everything – it was amazing! Last time round we didn’t see anything on the screen, K was knocked out and there were so many drs and nurses in there I had to stand behind it so this time it was awesome to actually see the transfer as it was supposed to be!

Then it was back to acupuncture, and now back home where K is right now resting on the couch with a magazine. This afternoon calls for some Father Ted dvd watching and general resting. It’s a beautiful day today so hopefully tomorrow will be the same and we might take a trip to the beach while we wait for the call to tell us if any are freezable. We are so hoping that there is, that would be incredible and a bonus that I don’t think we really expected – or at least have tried not to – this time round.

Right now we are happy. I can’t even remember the last time we were truly happy about any of this. Even though it wasn’t at all straightforward this morning, and took an hour and a half still, it was not a big traumatic event like it easily could have been. We were both a lot more relaxed and even managed to laugh while we were in there – real laughter, not that fake nervous ‘I can’t believe the doctor just dropped the dildo cam on the floor’ laughter (true story from the collection by the way, pretty sure she was nervous either from the failed transfer last year or the working relationship with K lol).

And for that we are so very thankful. There is still a long way to go but right now, at this point, we are a lot closer than we’ve ever been. We have had a successful transfer with a blast that the techs were very happy with (1BA), and the possibility of frozen(!!!!!!).

So we are happy. Test day is Monday 2nd August, coincidentally the day I start my new job, and the day before K goes off to a conference. Stickystickystickystickystickystickysticky-warmburrowing-nicethickliningtowrapupin-holdontight thoughts now please!

UPDATED: We didn’t get a blast photo this time, something about them being between computer systems, they took a photo but can’t download it at the moment. But when they left the room afterwards they left the ultrasound photo on so I got some snaps on my phone:

Look - there's actually something in there! The white spot to the right of K's finger is the blast inside her uterus. i.e exactly where it's supposed to be!

Thumb's up!

My awesome rock star, beautiful, brave wife -relieved, slightly woozy but happy - and quick, take the photo before they come back in!

The necklace  she is wearing is a Maori greenstone carving I bought her 2 weeks ago when Mrs CMM suggested she stop wearing silver jewellry(meaning her silver/paua cross I gave her a few years ago had to come off). It is koru, which is a spiral representing a new unfurling fern frond and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Here’s hoping!!


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4 Responses to Ultimately a great day! **updated with photos**

  1. poppycat says:

    Nice! Sounds like everything was perfect for makin a babay this time around! Sick baby, stick, stick, stick!!!


  2. Mama bea says:

    Wow–that sounds like quite the experience. I’m glad k is recovering well. I am so excited for this cycle for you! Best of luck during the wait for test day.

  3. Pomegranate says:

    *sticky thoughts* (I think about nothing else right now.)

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