In 15 hours I’m getting preggers ….

Our 5 day transfer takes place tomorrow at 9am.  This will be preceded by a trip to CMM for some baby making type acupuncture, as well as a trip back there afterwards for more baby making type acupuncture.  I like baby making type acupuncture.  It’s sticky good fun.  Well it is relaxing rather than fun, but I do love it mostly apart from the ouchy part cos I always can relax there, and relaxing for me in general is a big issue.

Anywho, on Thursday Tui rang for the embryo update and rather than trying to regurgitate the information I cheated and just cut and paste below from the email she sent me at work:

Two of the embryos are going pretty well – they look for 6-8 cells at this point and one is 7 and one is 6 so those are definitely on track
Five others are still developing but a little slower – two are two cells, two are four cells and one is a three – these were the ones that came through for us last time I think?
The other two are too fragmented to count so not much hope for them. He said all of them have a little bit of fragmentation but I don’t think it was too bad.
While I am trying very hard to be positive, and yes we have lots to be positive about cos we got some good ones there, I just wonder WHY oh lordy WHY can’t it JUST ONCE be; hey great news guys!  All your embryos are friggen awesome and developing as they should.  In fact they are perfect.  You should have enough to freeze to create your own netball team down the line.
Dreams are free.  Meantime I’m hoping and praying and hoping that tomorrow we get there and the other embies have all caught up and we have some high quality suckers to implant.  I say suckers cos I want them to suck on to my internal walls and stay there.
Yesterday was a good day!  Tui got a promotion at work!  She is now the team leader of her department; she has a lot more responsibility and it comes with a nice pay rise which will definitely come in handy.  I’m so proud of her, she really blew the bosses away and she deserves this because she is so good at what she does.
As if that wasn’t good enough, we got to spend the evening with some very good friends of ours who live approx 6 hours away and we hardly ever get to see (who BTW are two of only three people IRL that know our blog exists and reads it).  These lovely ladies treated us to a nice dinner out and after that we headed to the casino.  I made a cool $10!  Yeah buddy I’m a high roller!! Very fun night out and it felt really naughty being out late on a school night!  Happy Anniversary ladies, was so good to see you and we hope the rest of your trip is awesome.  We miss you already!  But that’s ok, cos you’re gonna pack up and move back up here aye and then we won’t miss you no more *wink wink* !!
So tomorrow people, prayers and sticky wishes and positive vibes much appreciated!
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6 Responses to In 15 hours I’m getting preggers ….

  1. :: fingers crossed :: and sticky baby dust your way!

  2. Meredith says:

    Prayers, sticky thoughts, good karma and general joy headed your way!

  3. poppycat says:

    Just a few more hours till blast off! Pun intended. Hoping, hoping, hoping for you.

    Congrats on the promo Tui!

  4. Pomegranate says:

    congrats to tui on the promotion, and good luck with the transfer.

  5. I love the title of this post! Sending you best wishes for a smooth and STICKY transfer tomorrow! Also, congrats on the promo Tui!! Good things are coming your way!

  6. Geek says:

    As I read this I realised that this happened two hours ago, so good luck to you, I hope you are resting and impregnating!
    Congrats on the promotion. Lawyer has just had two job interviews for promotions, so I’m hoping that one of them comes though.

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