We’ll take those odds …

Well people things are looking good for us, at least for today!  We had 9 out of 11 eggs fertilised people!! That’s the same as last time except we had 12 eggs, so percentage wise we are feeling just a bit flash today.  Of the two that didn’t fertilise, one was an immature egg and the other only had one set of DNA. 

We have discussed which day to transfer with just about everyone now and our doc was happy to go with the 5 day transfer, which is what the clinic is moving more towards now anyway.  So triple yay because we will have a better idea about the embryos AND I don’t have to miss another day of work AND I get two days to rest.  So there it is folks, things are going our way, at least for today!  I pray tomorrow is just as on track …

I am still a bit uncomfortable from the egg retrieval; realised I have had pretty much all the symptoms of OHSS but it’s manageable right now, just a minor annoyance.  Looking forward to feeling much better tomorrow and preparing for our babies introduction to their home for the next 9 months!

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8 Responses to We’ll take those odds …

  1. strawberry says:

    Great news! Love your header, too, btw.

  2. Candace says:

    Wonderful news!!!

  3. wootwoot!! good news all around! sending growing & dividing vibes your way!

  4. tbean says:

    Sounds like everything is heading in the right direction!

  5. Pomegranate says:

    awesome!!! i’m taking this as a sign that your 9 embryos and our 9 embryos will both lead to two big fat baby bumps!

    (always hopelessly optimistic for everyone else and allowing myself a moment of optimism for myself here)

  6. Mama bea says:

    Triple yay is right!! Love the 9 embies, 9 months connection, and also 3×3=9 (triple x triple). I know it’s silly but I love little signs like that.

  7. poppycat says:

    Woohoo!!! Excellent!

  8. Now this is awesome news!!!

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