And away we go…


That’s double figures people! We are very very happy with that number, from the number of follicles we were kind of hoping (and trying not to expect) a dozen again. As K was waking up the nurse told her that there were only 3 eggs, I had heard them count to 5 but that was all so we were a bit stressed and worried until the embryologist came back to say there were 11 in all. Turns out that extra dose of gonal was probably a good thing!

Speaking of stressed and worried, as you can probably tell by K’s last few posts, things have been a bit tough around here for the past week. K has been really stressed about all this, and I’ve been pretty much comatose for the past 4 days with a horrid migraine so I haven’t been much help. We have both been worried about the procedures, which wasn’t helped by the fact that when the nurse rang back to give the trigger time on Saturday she couldn’t say for sure that we would have an anaesthetist as she’d already rung a couple that couldn’t do it. So poor K hasn’t slept much the last couple of nights – you can imagine the relief when we got there and they confirmed that yes, there was an anaesthetist coming!!

And speaking of getting there – we were 5-10 minutes late and they rang to see where we were – but sure enough, the anaesthetist didn’t turn up until an hour after our appointment time so there was still plenty of waiting.

So all in all it went well. K was in quite a bit more pain this time, especially afterwards, but she was pleased when I told her that there was no embarrassing chatter this time round either. Although she did try several times to reach down and yank everything out so I had to stretch myself to hold her hand (down). And at the end when she started coming out of it, the anaesthetist’s phone rang and she had a bit of a boogie in the bed by herself along with it hehe.

We’re not sure yet whether we’re doing a 3 day or 5 day transfer, our clinic is starting to move towards 5 day a bit more but it depends on embryo quality. Coupled with that, our doc is out of town on the 3rd day and after the ordeal last time, the surgery and then the trial transfer he knows what he has to do (clip on from the start) and wants to be the one to do it himself. Which we are MORE than happy with, so we’re hoping that the embryos are good enough to wait til day 5 (which would also be Saturday so much better for work too).

Just before we were leaving, the embryologist came back to say that the sperm wasn’t so great – not awful but only 65% motility so they are going to do ICSI to improve the fertilization odds. So I guess we’re covering the bases of just about everything that we could do fertility wise!

It’s funny. I still don’t really quite believe that we’re back here trying again. I am so scared that it won’t work that I don’t really want to let myself think too much about the outcome. That first twenty minutes or so of being disappointed might have been a godsend though, because when the embryologist came in and told us there were really 11 that was a great boost. Trying to hope.


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7 Responses to And away we go…

  1. tbean says:

    11 is awesome. All crossed for a day 5 transfer!

  2. congrats on your 11!!! i’ll keep fingers crossed for beautiful fertilization and growth. grow little embies, grow!! 🙂

  3. strawberry says:

    Yay for 11! Hope the fert report comes back just as wonderful!

  4. Eleven is one of my lucky numbers, and I hope it’s yours too. Hoping good things for you!

  5. Pomegranate says:

    11 is awesome. my RE looks for 10 or more and it seems like the smaller numbers lead to more mature eggs & embryos whereas when i hear of like 20 or 30 retrieved, a lot of them are immature eggs.

    i really hope the second time’s the charm for both of us.

  6. poppycat says:

    Excellent retrieval! We did ICSI too just to cover our bases, and assisted hatching. I just didn’t want to leave anythinf to chance.

    Everything is going so well! I’m anticipating big things for you this time around.

  7. Mama bea says:

    Woo hoo!! 11 is awesome. So super excited for you ladies!

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