This morning we went in for another blood test and another scan.  Things have moved along since thursday so we will trigger tonight at 10.10pm.  I must take 3 x pain killers at 9.10am Monday morning.  We must arrive at the clinic at 9.50am for a 10.10am egg collection.  Mahahaha!! I laugh in the face of the 10 minute accuracy phenomenon!  I will do as instructed, but I would faint from shock, slap my ass and call me Charlie if our clinic ever actually took us through at the prescribed time and we didn’t have a moderate to inordinate wait in the waiting room.  But you got to give them points for the effort.  I smiled knowingly down the phone and jotted down all the details, and tried my best not to be condescending, though it was a struggle.

So there we go.  Lucky me I have THAT doctor on duty on monday (the-doc-who-also-works-at-my-school-from-time-to-time-who-didn’t-realise-she-knew-me-and-vice-versa-until-partway-through-a-meeting-at-school-one-day-when-I-realised-holy-crap-that-chick-has-been-in-my-nether-regions).  Asides from the slightly uncomfortable situation she is actually very nice so I don’t really mind that much, I just hope I don’t blab on and on while under sedation like I did last time and embarrass myself and my lovely wife.  But wouldn’t that provide you all with a bit of entertainment in post sedation blog story telling?

I didn’t count 12 eggs today because there were only 5 one side from what I could tell and maybe 6 other side so might just be 11?  But who knows til they get in there and suck those suckers out! 

My state of mind is erratic, swinging between extremes but thanks for those comments ladies I know you all know how it is!

Tui is in bed AGAIN.  She has had a migraine since Thursday.  It’s Saturday now.  It’s no fun.  If her migraines were ever manifested into a human form I would kick the living shit outta them on sight I hate them that much.  I would Chuck Norris it’s ass.  Anyways, lucky I have dog face to keep me company or I’d be even more mental than I am already, if at all possible…

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4 Responses to Triggering

  1. tbean says:

    Wow…trigger time already! Good luck with retrieval, I’ll be thinking of you guys!

  2. Pomegranate says:

    Good luck with the retrieval!

  3. poppycat says:


  4. Next in Line says:

    Maybe you are doing retrieval right now? I hope it is going well for you. Fingers crossed!

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