So you want 12 eggs again? Damn right we do..

This afternoon we had K’s post op follow up appointment with the Dr, which went really well. Apart from him being surprised that she went back to work already – he originally said two weeks and that was what his nurse put on the medical certificate but apparently with the amount of work he did she should have taken longer off work.

Good to know, maybe you could have told us that earlier! lol But yes, K has been back at work the last 3 days and is pretty exhausted but otherwise has coped alright.  She has still had some pain but not too bad, overall we think she’s healed pretty well and quickly from all of this.

He went over the pictures again with us, and we got more out of it again too. He’s good like that actually, doesn’t mind going over and over the same thing like some people might. He’s quite a serious chap most of the time, and highly intellectual, but the more we see of him the more we see his sense of humour and personality which is nice. We told him about going to the hospital to be checked for blood clots, he was looking worried and then when K said it was fine he just cracked up laughing! He said that we definitely needed to get it checked out so did the right thing and he would have advised the same but we’re not sure why he laughed quite so much – relief perhaps that nothing went wrong with one of HIS patients?! lol

He has now discharged K from his private practise back to the fertility clinic, but we also talked about the next round of ivf and he’s doing up a plan for that so we don’t have to have another appointment with him there – basically when we’re ready to go again, all we have to do is let them know.

We talked about protocols, last time it was the microdose flare protocol which K responded to a lot better than they had expected. He talked about maybe lowering the dose this time but we asked if she could do the same seeing as there were no OHSS symptoms or anything. He kind of chuckled and said ‘oh so you want 12 eggs again?’ to which we all but replied damn right we do lol. So that’s the plan – the same as last time, and hopefully we’ll get an equally good egg response.

We also talked about the transfer, K said she is really scared for that after the last one (aborted the first transfer, anaethetised for the second which was nearly aborted as well). He said he is very confident that with the excision of the lumps and bumps behind her cervix, plus the dilation they did, that the catheter will go in smoothly and she won’t need to be anaethetised although if she was worried he would recommend some light relaxants beforehand. K kept asking ‘but what if it doesn’t go in again’ and he just kept smiling and saying ‘it will’. Ah confidence! He also said that we should do a trial transfer while she is on the BCP to make sure  – hopefully this will be problem free which I think would relax her for the real thing, and if not then she will get anaethetised instead.

The other thing we asked about was lipiodol bathing. There’s a research group that is looking for volunteers for a study at the moment so we asked him about that. He said they don’t really have much information at the moment, partly because they are struggling to get numbers of volunteers, but that he’s not convinced whether it helps in post surgery ivf patients or not. Also he said it is an uncomfortable procedure and with K’s history of bad insems and the anxiety that has caused around these procedures it may not be the best idea.

All in all, it was a good appointment. We can contact the Clinic in a couple of weeks and talk to our fave nurse about picking up the plan and then we’re good to start when we like. We had planned to go aim for the July school holidays, which would mean starting bcp probably sometime around early June. We’re not 100% sure whether we’ll do this or push it back to October, there are a few things we need to work through on that.

It is exciting to think that we might be so close to The Big Goal though. To be honest lately I’ve been really worried that it won’t work, and almost not wanting to try again just yet because I don’t want to have to give up hope. I can’t face the idea of going through another negative right now, I’d almost stay on this break for a few more months and keep the dream alive for a little longer.

But to sit in there and have him be so confident that they have done everything that they can, that the transfer will go off without a hitch, that the body chemistry etc will be better for implantation.. you can’t help but be inspired and excited.

And I’ll take that hope for now thankyouverymuch.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to So you want 12 eggs again? Damn right we do..

  1. wow, how exciting to be gearing up to start again! your doctor sounds great, im sure it feels good to have him on your baby making team!

    (im rooting for june, btw) 😉

  2. poppycat says:

    Excellent! That is the kind of appointment I want to hear about! I’m really excited for you and can’t wait to celebrate a bfp with you.

  3. GaybyRabies says:

    Wow, that time just flew by (for me at least, I’m not sure if it seemed as quick to you!). I’m so excited that you’re starting up again. I’ll be interested to hear how the trial transfer goes.

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