One week down

I cannot believe it has been a week since the op already! K in particular wants to thank everyone for their messages and support, it has meant a lot. Sadly, I’m off back to work tomorrow and K will be left to her own devices. The last week has been crazy and today was the first day that we actually got to enjoy together, playing board games all morning then out for lunch this afternoon.

Going back to where I left off last time, I did get to the hospital early enough the next day to see the doctor and he went through everything again. This time he had photos (seriously 5 pages of 8 photos in all their glossy glory) to tell the story. We briefly thought about doing a password protected post of them for anyone game enough to look but passed on that!

So yeah, there were fibroids, loads of severe endometriosis and a cyst that he drained. He was able to deal to all except the fibroids and some endometriosis inside K’s uterus which he left due to the risk of bleeding. Everything was really messed up, which is painfully obvious in the photos, and things were not where they were supposed to be so it was quite a mission (or technically challenging as he put it) getting everything right again. He also said because of the endo in her uterus, she will only get about a 50% improvement in pain and he puts her at 10-15% chance of needing a hysterectomy at some point down the track. This doesn’t bother her all that much given that by then she will be done ttc, but we’ve already gone back to Mr CMM so that he can work on that and hopefully help.

And on that note, how excited were we to go back to Mr CMM and get the ‘erbs (for both of us this time) and find that they now come in powder form. No more slaving over the stove brewing them and stinking out the entire house! Woohoo I’ m very excited about that! And yes I am now taking them too, which means I have a whole new appreciation for K chugging them back before every meal for the past couple of years. They are REVOLTING! Damn things better work…

Yeah, anyway, K was in hospital for two nights, and came home on Thursday relatively comfortable. She is not one to sit around watching tv and doing nothing (that’s my forte lol) so she was already starting to get bored. The pain is fairly manageable although if she does too much she knows about it. The rest of Thursday and Friday we were both pretty tired so didn’t do much of anything really, except watch recorded Ellen shows (we have 4 weeks worth and I don’t think we’ll ever catch up), venture out to see Mr CMM and wander around the pet shop checking out the cute baby water dragons.

Friday night we went to bed pretty early, then about 11.30 K woke up with a throbbing headache and so she came down to the lounge to sleep in the recliner which was more comfortable. Sometime during the night she started getting chest pains as well. She had also had some calf pain since leaving hospital, which they said was alright unless it got worse in which case it could indicate a blood clot. Well the calf pain didn’t get worse but when I got up first thing Saturday morning we were off to the A&E clinic. They gave us the option of either doing chest xray, ecg and blood tests etc there  (and paying about $300 for the pleasure) or going up to the public hospital and getting them done for free. Free sounded great seeing as we’re forking out thousands for this op as it is, plus if the results came back showing any danger we would end up there anyway.

So we ended up spending all day Saturday at the hospital waiting for the seemingly endless tests to be done. Unfortunately, while everything else seemed fine, one of the blood tests came back as a strong positive and although a lot of things can cause this (and apparently even just having an operation and/or stress can do it) we then had to wait for a scan. Thankfully the scan came back clear, and we were finally sent home about 9 hours later. Exhausted and shattered again lol but relieved it was nothing serious. Luckily we got there before the usual Saturday sports injury rush came in, otherwise it would have been a lot longer!  The standard of poor K’s nursing care plummeted at this point because I crashed almost as soon as we got home and ended up with a migraine that pretty much made me a zombie through Sunday too.

Yesterday (Monday) I had to finally finish an assignment I’d been procrastinating on, which leaves us with today (Tuesday) having been the only good day in this whole ‘holiday’.

It has only been a week, but K is definitely on the mend, it may not be going as quickly as she would like but she is probably doing better than we expected. Unfortunately because there is nothing wrong with her mind, she is being driven nuts sitting around not being able to do much. Hopefully she is still semi-sane by the time I get home from work tomorrow!


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3 Responses to One week down

  1. wow, sounds like an exausting and overwhelming week! im glad to hear k is doing better and resting up now.

  2. Man, I’m so sorry you had to deal with the ER on top of everything else! But I’m so glad K’s fine, and healing well. Hope you both get some rest.

  3. poppycat says:

    What troopers both of you are. 9 hrs in the ER is enought to steal the life from anyone. What and ordeal, and after the surgery too. Ugh.

    Sending healing recovery thoughts to K.

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