Mutant corn, new hair and our dog is broken

Have to say I’d be impressed if that post title has ever come up before!  Adding to our recent trend in photo posts, we have new photos to share.  Because I like looking at other people’s photos.  Because it gives my brain a rest from reading.  The photos aren’t actually that exciting.

Anywho …. those loyal readers out there will know we have been working on the vege garden over the past couple of months.  We have enjoyed many “fruits” of our labour to date (oh my that was “corny”, pity I couldn’ t think of a more accurate vegetable pun).  Under our watchful eyes a very rounded ear of corn had developed.  You can tell if you look real hard in the picture this corn was skinny at top but bulging round in the lower half.  In fact if I didn’t know better about corn reproduction (which I know nothing about in general), I would say this corn is preggers and ready to drop!

My ... that's a fat cob

My ... that's a fat cob

And then we opened it ….

It's triplets!!!

Looking at this picture now it seems somewhat dirty, perhaps it would have been better positioned horizontal.  So it would seem we have a bit of a talent for growing mutant corn, who knew?  After admiring our weird and wonderful corn I ate it for lunch.  It was the oddest corn eating experience I think I will ever have.  Yes that’s right, things are real exciting round these parts right now.

So exciting in fact that after feeling like everything has been same ol’ same ol’ for so long  I needed a bit of a change.  Hence the hair style.  I love the colours and it has given me a much needed lift.  I would have been cool to go even more extreme on the haircut, but with being a PE teacher I still need to be able to get the hair out of my face and I’m not really a high hair maintenance kinda girl that will spend more than 5 minutes fixing my hair every morning.  So the result:

The back

The front .... can you say cheesy?

It took like 8 or 9 shots to get me this shot I was comfortable with.  Needless to say I am not the most photogenic person in the world.  I hate smiling on command.  Wifey had alot of pressure on her to make me laugh.  Anyone else have these issues???? Apart from that the struggle with my weight my whole life has made me very self-conscious about photos, videos etc.  I doubt you will ever see a belly shot of me WHEN I get pregnant, mostly because I already look like I’m ready to drop.  On a side note here I must say Poppy your belly shot is awesome!! You look fantastic and if I looked like that at that stage of my pregnancy I’d be snapping photos like a Japanese tourist!

On the plus side I have reached a few early weight loss goals.  At weigh in a few weeks ago I had lost 5% body weight and I also lost my first stone, total weight loss 6.7kg.  Still a million miles to go but at least I am currently going in the right direction.  It is so freaking hard.

I have my operation soon – April 6th.  I am worried about the weight creeping back on over this time when I won’t be very active.  I’m going in for endometriosis surgery as well as dilation of cervix.  We are very hopeful that this will lead us to our first BFP.  I am a little worried about the operation; as well as the weight worries I’m a bit scared about the pain and possible complications.  MR CMM does not want me to have the surgery.  That has been very hard.  I’m stuck between the conventional medicine rock and alternative medicine hard place on this one.  Basically we can’t really proceed without the op as our fertility doc (who is also the surgeon) thinks they won’t even be able to get the catheter in anymore.  But I trust MR CMM more but what can we do?  Anyways it’s going ahead so that’s that.  I will be straight back to MR CMM right after surgery though to begin prep for our next IVF.

Work has been CRAP.  I can’t wait for the holidays (only 4 days to go!).  I put off the op until the holidays so I wouldn’t have to take time off work, now I wish I just did it earlier.  Some big things are about to go down at work.  It has not been a nice place to be this term and I have been thinking I may need to change jobs or occupations.  There are no jobs going right now though and changing occupations may mean a big drop in salary, so it’s hard to know the best thing to do.

Tui has been studying today, she has her first assignment due next week for her course she has started this year.  It’s so funny to see someone else with homework for once!  She has taken time off work around the time of my operation to help look after me when I get home.  Even though it’s to look after me I know she is looking forward to a mini-break from work and I am looking foward to just hanging out with my lovely wife.

Below is evidence of our broken, psychotic dog.  She has a bad habit of staring intently at shadows and/or reflections and occasionally barking or attempting some nosing /biting of said imaginary object.  In the photo below, she has been staring for about 10 minutes.  Poor nutty dog.

Look mum, look! It's absolutely nothing!

Autumn has definitely hit us.  No doubt my talented wife with post some Autumn photos in upcoming posts.  Wednesday will be a good day! Instead of teaching we are all taking different activities for the day e.g hobbies, sports, arts and craft and the students get to choose what they want to do for the day.  I’m taking a group mountain biking which will involve cycling approximately 22kms round trip from my suburb to the town’s gardens following the river walkways, followed by off road riding at the mountain bike track near where we live – can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Mutant corn, new hair and our dog is broken

  1. strawberry says:

    What the heck kind of fertilizer have you been using on that corn? 😉 Good luck with the weight loss and your upcoming surgery. Funky hair!

  2. Next in Line says:

    That is some crazy corn. It’s not radio active is it?

    Montana has had a lot of problems with a little black dog that lives in the mirror and reflective glass doors. It keeps barking right back at her.

  3. poppycat says:

    I love you mutant corn! Mmmm, corn.

    Your Japanese tourist comment made me giggle. Thanks for the kind words.

    I’m sending my best wishes for your surgery. I hope everything turns out swimmingly and that you miraculously loose 10lbs after too!

    Don’t you hate when dogs do that? Scares the crap out of me and makes me wonder if they know something I don’t, even though I know they are probably just daft.

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