I wish summer holidays could last forever …

Well as usual time is flying by so quickly right when I don’t want it to, pity it doesn’t happen that way during the good ole tww huh?  I have been doing a whole lot of NOTHING in particular except please myself and I tell you what it has been fantastic.  For once I have just given myself permission to have a break and not try and accomplish anything in particular.  I have managed up until now at least, to shut off that mind set of creating large ‘to-do’ lists for my summer holidays, you know all those jobs you don’t get time for that lurk about in the back of your mind and nag you.  But now, with just a few weeks left of my summer holidays it’s time unfortunately to get back into the school mindset.  Yay.  lol. 
We have had a good holiday and finally had some time off together to just cruise and not worry about anything which has been great.  Last Saturday we made the 4 1/2 hour trek down to Tui’s hometown to stay with her parents.  She doesn’t get to go very often because it’s a bit of a distance to travel and I’m always crazy busy with work.  We had an awesome time down there, we got to go to the beach twice for one thing which is awesome.  Our friends who live a further 2 hours drive south from Tui’s parents made a trip up to see us which was fantastic!  We had such a good day.  We had a picnic in a park/reserve type place and then went out to the beach.  They are 2 of the only 3 people from our ‘real life’ that know about and read our blog, so it was nice to be able to talk to them about everything face to face.  We so wish we lived closer to them as we always have a good time together, full of laughter.  During our visit to the beach, after 30mins or so of sitting adjacent to the rocks in the picture, we got up for a walk around and Tui noticed the penguin clambering down the rocks.  We were able to watch it for quite a while at a reasonably close distance which was pretty cool as this is not something you are likely to see, especially in this part of NZ.  So rare actually we thought he/she/it may have been injured or blown incredibly off course.  We went and told the lifeguards and they thought we were full of crap until they saw it themselves.  Apparently they contacted the relevant authorities but when they came out to check on it the next day it had gone, so I just hope it was resting and managed to get happily back out to sea.

A random penguin

 We also got to see Tui’s 2 year old nephew who we don’t see too often which was nice. On the way home we stopped in on one of my good friends from university.  She has two boys and is 6 months pregnant with their third baby.  She has had a bit of a rough ride and has only just stopped throwing up and is able to eat a bit more.  She has lost a lot of weight but had a bit in reserve so the midwife is still happy.  She didn’t want to talk too much about how hard it had been for her, instead was quick to point out how lucky she was to be pregnant at all and she wishes so much that we could be pregnant along with her.  She has always been one of our biggest supporters.

Tui went back to work again yesterday so now I am pretty much on my own for the rest of the summer holidays.  I have spent a lot of time setting goals for myself this year and thinking about what I want/need.  I shouldn’t be surprised but stress has really taken a toll on my happiness and my health.  It’s not like I didn’t know it was happening but I guess i didn’t realise to what extent it was affecting me.  I have been shocked by how tired I have been and how much sleep I have needed to catch up on.  I guess it’s both emotional and physical exhaustion.  I am feeling alot better now, but apprehensive about going back to school and having it all come flooding back.  A testament to all this is that, if you remember, MR CMM wanted me to have pain free periods before he thought  I would conceive.  I laughed about this at the time because I thought it was impossible.  So AF turns up yesterday and apart from some initial back ache, today I am 99% pain free which almost NEVER happens.  I’m not actually on any herbs or anything for it right now, I can only put it down to relaxation.  Same thing happened last Jan/Feb from my recollection.  Ironic that both times this has happened I have been on a break.  Number one goal for 2010 is work/life balance.  Reduction in stress.  Focus on health.  So all I have to do is win lotto, then I don’t have to work, and I can stay home and relax …. no problem!

I have an appointment next Wednesday with our Fertility doctor, but in the capacity of his other job in the area of women’s health.  He asked me to get my GP to refer me to him as a patient so he can look at the causes of my issues, mostly focussing on endometriosis which he is now convinced I am suffering from reasonably badly.  He has already outlined to us that the likely course of action will be surgery.  We have some idea of what will be involved and the effect on ttc etc etc but Tui will post about it after the appointment.  I hope and pray this will ‘fix me’ and we will have our baby/babies ?!?!

I can’t tell you how happy I am for you gals out there getting the positives, you give us hope, most recently among others Poppy (yay!), Gayby Rabies and Chronicles of Conception.  We want nothing more than for all of you out there on our blog roll to get your positives and be blessed with beautiful healthy babies!!

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5 Responses to I wish summer holidays could last forever …

  1. Gayby Rabies says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re alive and well and have had some time to relax and take care of you. Stress is so overrated. Good luck with the appointment on Wednesday!

  2. s says:

    sounds like ya’ll have had a nice holiday and some lovely travels. i love the penguin photo, too cool!!

  3. thebao says:

    I’m so, so glad you have gotten some wonderful, relaxing time in. You deserve it, and you definitely deserve to maintain as low-stress a life as possible.
    That’s amazing that you saw a penguin! Wildlife here consists of squirrels and the occasional rabbit–not very exciting.

    Best of luck at your appointment.

  4. Next in line says:

    I love the penguin picture and story! Holidays are the best.

  5. Poppycat says:

    I am positivly jealous of your “to-do” free holiday. It sounds divine and I am really glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and in a healthy and relaxed place. You deserve it!

    That penguin is amazing. I can’t believe you just stumbled upon a penguin! Crazy!

    I hope the rest of your holiday is a wonderful and leaves you ready to face the new year.

    PS – crossing my fingers you win the lotto! Crossing them for me too!

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