Almost there..

It is now 6(very nearly7)dp5dt and there’s not really a whole lot to report. have I used that line already? I think I might have but it’s true. She is exhausted but that can easily be put down to being back at school after a ‘holiday’  – yeah right  it was really restful – and the fact that we only got 4 hours sleep last night.*

However, she did go to acupuncture today and Mrs CMM was quite excited because her pulse is ‘slippery’. For those that don’t know, skilled TCM practitioners are supposed to be able to use pulses to help diagnose a range of things including pregnancy. Mrs CMM did say that she isn’t practiced enough to be able to say for sure that she is pregnant but it is a nice boost and a good place to start.

Sunday night K had a nightmare that she wasn’t pregnant, but the same night I had a dream that she definitely was pregnant. In fact my dream was awfully specific – I dreamed that she tested 2 days early at 5.30, got two postive pee sticks and then climbed back into bed. When we woke up a couple of hourse later, she calmly said oh yeah and I’m pregnant lol

So far though we’ve resisted early testing. I half wanted to test this morning just to see if my dream came true but K didn’t. So we’re going to hold on until Saturday, only just over 48 hours from now (holy shit I didn’t realise it was that close okay I might freak out a bit now). We’ve come this far, and if it was negative we’d find ourselves slap bang in the middle of early testing hell. We’d be gutted and ruin all of our good work thus far – much better to keep our perfect pregnancy vision intact for the next two days. Usually we just use the blood test, but this time K is going to POAS because there is no way we can wait for hours for a result this time.

*Last night we did a mission up to Auckland to see the Black Eyed Peas playing which was an absolutely amazing show! We had so much fun, and although by the time we drove home and got to sleep it was 2am it was well worth it. Just the distraction we needed.

And tonight we got our dog home from the kennels where she’s been playing with her friends for a few days. It is great to have her home, the place is too quiet without her, although I’m sure the cats have something to say about that. We feel like we have our family in one place now – all 6/7 of us!

That said, we’re off to bed early zzzzzzzzz……………………


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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14 Responses to Almost there..

  1. vee says:

    I’m impressed you’re managing to hold out on the testing! Getting excited for you here!

  2. S. says:

    gold medal to you for resisting the lure of the hpt! 😉 thats soooo hard to do in an ivf cycle! i’ll be blog-stalking saturday morning!!

  3. strawberry says:

    Hoping for a nice, strong BFP this weekend. Let’s see those two lines!!

  4. thebao says:

    Eeee I can’t wait to hear your results! How exciting that your acupuncturist heard a slippery pulse. I really think this is it for you ladies!!

  5. Olive says:

    Crossing, hoping, praying.

  6. A. says:

    LOVE the Black Eyed Peas! Glad you had such a good time.

    Wishing the BEST for you this weekend. Thinking of you.

  7. Can’t wait for your good news. Because that is what it must be.

    For what it’s worth, my accupuncturist correctly determined slippery pulse before I got a positive HPT. About three days before… it wouldn’t have shown up on a stick at all by that point.

    Come ON 48 hours, right?

  8. Boo says:

    A slippery pulse is fabulous! I am dazzled by your resolve not to test. I can’t wait to read about your BFP on Saturday!

  9. GaybyRabies says:

    It’s so exciting that your acupuncturist felt a slippery pulse! That, combined with the exhaution sounds very promising. I can’t wait to hear your good news on Saturday. Though given the time zone differences, I only have to wait until Friday to hear about your BFP!

  10. luckylittle13 says:

    A slippery pulse?! I’m so excited! And I am amazed by your self control. I will totally be blog stalking Friday night here.

  11. Stacey says:

    god we cant wait, and we’re not far behind you now

  12. Next in Line says:

    Saturday is a great day to pee on a stick. I can’t wait 🙂

  13. alimis says:

    I am looking forward to hearing the results soon! Awesome job on waiting and not POAS early. We do not have that kind of restraint!

  14. GaybyRabies says:

    I just checked the international time clock to see what time it is there. I keep refreshing this page waiting for news!

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