Shoot ’em up

So there’s been a few very long overdue bfps around these parts lately, better be careful, it’s enough to give a girl some hope!

We are having a very lazy weekend this weekend, or at least I am – K’s been sick so she’s got an excuse. Of course I could say I’m just looking after her, which I am but really I’m just being lazy shh!  That said, it’s been a nice weekend of rain, sleep ins and watching hours of Weeds.

Friday night we got through the classic ivf shooting up in a public bathroom rite of passage. We were out for dinner to celebrate the end of term and had to take the drugs with us. Picture the two of us in a toilet cubicle loading up syringes and such. Of course we weren’t alone, so we had to keep it pretty quiet when others came in (they took forever to wash their hands and leave!). Then once we were done we had to walk right through the middle of the restaurant over to the bar – we felt super self conscious, there were only two cubicles in there so I’m sure at least one person thought we were up to something dodgy in there lol. She’s also got the bruising coming out now, the first few days were fine but obviously hitting some capillaries now and getting some nice pretty colours.

Also got some mood swings coming now too which is fun – but they come and go so quick it’s survivable. Makes it hard to keep up, but it’s survivable. She had acupuncture with Mrs CMM yesterday who is still fantastic. K’s period didn’t last as long as she would have wanted but it was still a good sign as far as she was concerned. She’s also given K more mugwort sticks to burn on her belly until next week.

As K said, she’s figured out it is easier to inject standing up than sitting down. This morning she had to inject in bed because she was feeling so lousy – but that was even better, her body must have been so relaxed it was the best position. Daylight savings have just started here which kinda screws up the timing for the shots – we had been doing 7am/7pm but of course that becomes 8am/8pm. Since I start work at 8am, and it’s school holidays so K will be dropping me off at work so she can keep the car, it means that K is going to have to be using the toilets at my work. We didn’t really think that one through! I wonder which story’s the best for my colleagues – bladder control or junkie?

Tomorrow morning K has  her first blood test to check the response to the gonal-f. This ivf business is weird. There’s a fair bit of excitement but it’s followed by lots of waits. First you start with bcp, then you wait. Then you start with buserelin, then you wait. Then you start with gonal, then you wait. In a way it feels like we’ve being doing this cycle for ages but then in a way it feels like the retrieval (albeit not for at least another week) is coming so fast. I tell you though, I’m not at all looking forward to that wait. Not that I’m projecting or anything, but I’m sure it’s gonna be a killer!

And for anyone playing along at home – the new header is looking across our neighbour’s front yard early one winter morning. When I put it up I was thinking sunrise/new day/new hope but then I remembered ‘red sky in the morning/shepherd’s warning’ which kinda negates that. So now I’m just saying I put it up cos it’s pretty!


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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6 Responses to Shoot ’em up

  1. liz and andrea says:

    Catching up on your story, Sending good thoughts to you! Cant wait to hear your good news right around the corner!

  2. S. says:

    love the new header and layout!

    congrats on the first public shoot-up, its gotta be done! 😉 hope the first u/s goes well, cant wait to hear.

  3. tbean says:

    Quite the funny mental picture–the two of you doing drugs in a public bathroom! 🙂
    Glad things are going well so far. Same here. Fingers crossed.

  4. nutella says:

    I love the header, it’s beautiful. Go you with the shooting up in public!

  5. Gayby Rabies says:

    Oooh, I love the new look! Shooting up in a public bathroom is so funny! I’m sure the other people in the bathroom would never have guessed what you were actually doing in there. And I’m glad to hear that no expensive meds were accidentally flushed down the toilet. I can’t wait for you to join the ranks of long awaited BFPs!

  6. thebao says:

    The header is so pretty. I laughed at the description of y’all doing something dodgy in the bathroom! That is definitely one of those moments to remember. I wonder if there is a “precious moments” figurine that would commemorate it (do you have those in Australia)?

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