… Where do I know you from?

You know that moment you have when you suddenly realise the person sitting in front of you is actually someone you know from somewhere else?  A different place, a different time?  Well I had that today.  Being in charge of the PE and Health department of my school gets me invited to all sorts of meetings I don’t really want to be at, and today was one of them.  It was a meeting between the local health provider who provides funding for health services in the school along with the principal and others such as the school nurse, doctor, counsellor etc. 

Anyway I was sitting in the meeting and the doctor arrived late.  She only does 2 hours a week and I never see her, only at meetings such as this once or twice a year.  As soon as she sat down and was introduced I had that moment.  I know you, I know your name, where do I know you from … is it …. Holy crap!  You’ve seen my whatsit!!

And yes, after two years of the doctor being at my school and two year of ttc, I realise she is actually one of the doctors who sometimes works at the clinic, and yes she WAS the doctor that had to be called in to my last insem because of my stupid wonky cervix.  I have no idea if she made the connection, I mean she has only really seen one end of me, and lord knows that wasn’t presented at the meeting.  Needless to say for the rest of the meeting I was somewhat distracted and all I could think was that this woman has been amongst my nether regions.  And for quite some time thanks to my uncooperative woman’s bits.  I was probably paranoid but she seemed slightly uncomfortable looking at/talking to me during the meeting, so I’m wondering if she clicked also.  Then I wondered what she had to worry about.  AAAAAaaanyway … fun meeting.  On the plus side they served great food.

The injections are going ok, I am coping pretty well mostly.  The night time ones seem to hurt.  I thought it was because of the side I was injecting into (left in morning, right at night – no reason, just the way it happened), but then I tried the right side one morning and it still hurt more than the left.  It’s also probably a bit to do with the fact I inject after eating at night and my stomach is tighter.  I stood up last night instead of sitting to do it and it seemed to help.  As of last night we have started Gonal F (stim injections) as well as other injections.  I have my first blood test on Monday morning to see how I am responding. 

I also had a very welcome and much anticipated visit from AF this morning.  According to Mrs CMM it was good to have a bleed to work with so she could “clear things out and help me make a nice new lining for the baby”.  I had different conflicting info as to wether I would actually get a period or not so I was a little worried I wasn’t going to get it.  Whats even better, is that this period is pretty much pain free – I didn’t even know I had it this morning.  My last few had been horrendous, such terrible pain for several days, which Mr CMM has always said means that its not a good sign for a pregnancy.  So having a mostly pain free period in direct contrast to such excessive pain, after just one month of treatment is so unbelievably heartening and such a positive sign for us conceiving!  I can’t wait until my next accupuncture appointment on saturday to let Mrs CMM that what she has been doing has really helped and we are on track! YAY!

I have ONE more day of school until end of term, then its two weeks holidays and into the final term – Woo hoo!

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7 Responses to … Where do I know you from?

  1. S. says:

    oh, how awkardly uncomfortable! 😛

    sounds like your cycle is going great, glad the injections arent too bad.

  2. thebao says:

    Too funny! Glad they served good food though! Sounds like y’all are off to a great start with IVF. Congrats!
    I’m about to catch up on the rest of your blog now–sorry I’ve been out of touch recently!

  3. Olive says:

    Oh man, that would be SO uncomfortable! I’ve never thought about encountering an RE outside of the office…and at work, no less!

  4. luckylittle13 says:

    Ohhhhh, pretty! Love the new look.

    I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable that must have been! Happy to hear that injections are going reasonably well. I find that an ice pack before can help with the pain.

  5. poppycat says:

    Awkward!But also a tiny bit funny, well, at least from where I sit ;)I’m sure I’d feel differently if it was me!

    Glad all is going well with the cycle! That’s great! Oh, and I love the new look too. Very nice.

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