Hello, it’s me again ….

I haven’t blogged for quite some time; I could say my wife is blogging so regularly and I can’t get a blog in edgewise, but the truth is she does such a great job I don’t have to worry.  I just get to sit back and read … anyways after some gentle prodding and careful suggestion here I am.

It has been a beautiful spring weekend.  We took the dog for her first swim of the season which went down well.  She was shivering so much by the time we dragged her out (literally) so perhaps is still a bit early for swimming!  We have accomplished alot around the house this weekend – some of things we have been waiting some time to get done finally got done!  Yee ha.

It’s fathers day today in NZ.  Normally we would drive up and see my dad but we went up last weekend and had so much that needed doing we decided to stay home.  My dad is just the best dad I could have ever been blessed with.  He always does things for us, nothing is ever too much trouble.  Just today we put together some outdoor shelving courtesy of my dad.  He and my mum have had such a good crop of strawberries last season that the plants had multiplied like crazy.  So they spent a great deal of time dividing plants up and repotting them, enough for all 3 daughters to have 15 plants each plus some left over for friends.  Then dad made up the shelving unit peices for us – cutting everything to length, nailing what he could together so it would still fit in the car,  drilling holes to show us where to nail the rest, and writing directions on the timber so we could put it all together.  It must have taken him hours.  Just so we can have fresh strawberries!  I LOVE my dad.

I have been sick this week.  A stomach bug I think , but initially we thought it was nausea from the pills the clinic have put me on.  I had to leave class to throw up.  Twice.  On different days.   And it was the same class.  Luckily they are seniors and very understanding.  I have watched the DVD from the clinic and Tui is watching it right now.  I have been a bit up and down about things.  This afternoon I’m on a bit of a downer about it.  I’m just playing the what if game – what if it doesn’t work mostly.  I must admit I am a little pissed off that the nurse said last week that the needles would be all like the gonal f pen.  I was instantly relieved because I think I can handle that.  Then the DVD shows one of the meds I know I will be using and its a BIG needle and not like the gonal f at all.  So back to quietly stressing while trying to convince myself I’ll be fine.

On the upside, the loan for the IVF got approved, so the money is all set and we don’t have that added worry.  Visits with  Mrs CMM are going well.  There was noticeable improvement in the uterus point after even just one visit so that is promising.  I have just 3 weeks left of school until the end of term, which means 2 weeks holiday.  During which we will be right into the IVF thick of it, but better then than during the school term.  Also closely followed by my birthday, which lovely wife has spent some time planning (e.g. since March), and is enjoying teasing and taunting me about the details.

On to my “Honest Scrap” as per wife’s instructions … hee hee

1  I have to be good.  At everything.   I get really annoyed with myself if I’m not.  Super competitive bitch sums me up really.

2  I believe in ghosts, having lived in a haunted house with many a witness to back up my story.  And they scare the crap out of me.  Thats about the same time I stopped watching any type of scary movie.

3  I have a morbid fear of home invasion or being the victim of a violent crime.  In life I play the staunch, tough, butch one but at night it’s the wife who locks up, checks on any unusual sounds etc.

4  I haven’t given up hope of being a serious athlete.  I think I’ll just keep trying different sports until I get really good at something. 

5  Like Tui, I also imagine being a writer.  When I will ever find the time to do this I have no idea.  I also imagine being a successful artist even though my art really ‘aint that good.

6  I’m a hoarder.  I always think I’ll find another use for something.  Or I could use it at school.  I take after my mother.

7  I get really anal about things being folded the ‘right way’.  The ‘right way’ being the way my mother brainwashed me as a child.  If things aren’t folded this way I feel that the earth could just stop spinning.  Or something less dramatic.  Or perhaps just a less than ideal linen cupboard. 

8  I think I have already blogged about this before – but I have to eat things in pairs.  E.g biscuits.  Either 2 or 4.  Not 1 or 3.  Also I cannot share ice creams with anyone.  Except the cat.  I don’t know why.

9  At university I learned to hand in only my first drafts.  Everytime I re-drafted something, I got lower marks than when I just handed in my first one.  Including my mini-thesis I wrote in 36 hours straight.  A++ baby!

10  I like to think I don’t care what people think of me, and act accordingly.  But I do.  I think everyone does on some level.

Ok thats it.  Enough rambling.  Peace n love to y’all hope u all hangin in there.  BTW even though I don’t blog much, I do read your blogs, and your comments you give us.  Thanks for your ongoing support.

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3 Responses to Hello, it’s me again ….

  1. poppycat says:

    Good to hear from you lady! Sounds like all things ttc are about to take off for you. How exciting! I can’t wait to hear you are knocked up and puking your guts out everday in class 😉

    Your Dad sounds like a great dad. I wish I had a Dad like that. Your a lucky girl.

    Fall is just settling in here and I’m jealous (although happy for you all) that your spring is springing.

    Love your list! Thanks for sharing.

  2. GaybyRabies says:

    I hope you’re feeling better soon and can enjoy some of the strawberries from your dad! It’s great to hear that you’re moving along so quickly with the IVF. Oh, but it’s scary to hear that some of the meds require a big needle! I didn’t know that either, I thought they’d all be tiny like the gonal f!

  3. thebao says:

    Ooh I’d love to see images of your artwork, if you ever want to post them! Happy birthday, btw!

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