Here we go

Why is it that the further we get down this track, and the more serious the conversations, the more laidback our appointments seem to be?

Seriously, we had a pretty good appointment with our doc today, and he was very reassuring and confident that we will get our result with ivf. Which was great to hear. He actually thinks that K might have endometriosis that is stopping her from getting pregnant, so is confident that ivf is the way to go. Of course we don’t have much choice by now but it was comforting to hear!

We are now armed with a brand new folder full of information and a dvd to watch which outlines everything from fertility problems, preparing for ivf, doing the injections, each step of the process really.

They don’t do ICSI there unless the first round of ivf hasn’t worked as they believe the risks of genital defects being passed on are too high to do from the outset (at least that’s what we think he said – he’s indian with a thick accent at times and we both kinda fudged that part). We had talked about doing that seeing as we’re probably only going with one round of ivf but on the other hand it does keep the costs down quite a bit without it so that’s ok too.

Cost wise, we think we can cover the drugs (about $2,500) as it is and may only need to get a loan for the remaining $6000-odd which is a lot better than the $10,000 we were working on.

So we pretty much have our plan, we go back in a couple of days to pick up the drugs and get the initial dates for everything – I’ll probably outline our actual plan after that. Oh and yes he is going to arrange for an anaethetist to be there for the retrieval so she can be knocked almost-right-out with propofol. Which of course earned a great big grin and sigh of relief!

We’re pretty excited about this now, and the next month or so we’re going to be hoping/wishing/praying as hard as we can that this works for us. As K’s egg reserves are quite low, we’re also hoping/wishing/praying that we can also freeze at least one embryo for transfer in a couple of years time when it will be a lot more difficult than it already has been for her to conceive – that would be our most ideal outcome but of course we would just be over the moon if she got pregnant!

K went back to Mr Chinese Medicine Man today, well technially his wife who is also a practioner so that would make here Mrs CMM. With all the drugs etc they agreed that there is not much point taking the ‘erbs anymore, but she has given K some chinese dates and some gojo(?) berries to make a tea from and she will also be having acupuncture twice a week from now.

During the appointment, right about the time that the dr was talking very seriously about the risks (i.e OHSS, ectopic pregnancies etc) I looked down at the dvd he’d given us and started grinning like a very inappropriate idiot when I saw this:


Now if that’s not a sign, what is?


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8 Responses to Here we go

  1. Stacey says:

    i am so excited a bout this.. cant wait to see the timeline! it could be so soon…. aww u will be great mums!

  2. nutella says:

    What a great sign!! Exciting and encouraging appointment!

  3. luckylittle13 says:

    I started tearing up when I saw that picture. This is totally going to work for you girls. I’m so excited for you!

  4. Olive says:

    That’s great news on the cost being slightly lower than you anticipated. I’m so excited for you !

  5. A. says:

    I’m so glad everything went so well with the dr!

  6. poppycat says:


  7. tbean says:

    Glad I have you two to be IVF buddies with. Very exciting!

  8. Gayby Rabies says:

    That is DEFINITELY a sign. And the cost is going to be lower too! It sounds like everything is finally coming together.

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